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Can’t Miss Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

The city slogan is “keep Portland weird”, and if you have ever traveled there then you know how strangely accurate it is. There is no place exactly like Oregon’s largest city and for good reason: A mixture of colorful folks, beautiful scenery and locally famous landmarks make any visit unlike any other. If you’ve never been to Portland, what are some stops that you need to be sure you make when you head to the great Northwest? Here are our favorite things to do in Portland, Oregon.

Three Sisters Mountains, Portland, Oregon

Mountain Living

The Three Sisters are not actual women who make their home in the mountains, though that isn’t too crazy of a theory. The Three Sisters are stunning mountain peaks that reside just 100 miles away from Portland, crown jewels of natural beauty with an amazing backdrop.

There are plenty of other gorgeous local mountains beyond the Three Sisters: Mount Adams, Mount Hood and of course Mount St. Helens are also close by and beautiful in their own right too. If you’re into nature and wildlife, some of the best cabins in Portland are available for rental. Check out the gorgeous Pacific Northwest by trekking it through the mountains and seeing unforgettable sights. Imagine how romantic it would be to wake up to the sunrise over the frosted mountain peaks…heaven!

We recommend this complete 3-day itinerary for Portland if you’d like to plan out your trip in advance..

Portland Food and Drink

Every city has its famous eateries and bars worth stopping at. Portland’s restaurant scene is no different. There are plenty of places to eat that are specific to Portland and what it has to offer. However, like everything else about this quirky city, the places that are best-known are also the most offbeat.

Voodoo Donuts

You have probably heard of this joint, even if you are not sure what it is. Voodoo Donuts opened its first location’s doors in Portland in 2003 and has since set the bar for what a donut should be. Made famous for its maple-bacon bars and anatomically correct donut shapes, there are two locations in Portland, Oregon proper and five elsewhere in the United States.


Do you love historical places and good food? McMenamins Pubs are part of a family-owned chain of restaurants, bars, and breweries. There are many locations all over the city and the state of Oregon, but the locations are unique: They are all built on some kind of converted or historic property like an old hotel.

Apizza Scholls

Handmade artisan pizza is front and center in this delightful restaurant. It is unlike anywhere else you have eaten pizza. Not only is the dough made fresh every single morning, but the ambiance is cool and funky — complete with arcade games like Frogger and Dig Dug for patrons to play. It has been said that no other pizza place can compete or has challenged the quality and experience that Apizza Scholls has to offer.

Portland, Oregon

Shopping Made Fun

Sure, you could go into Old Navy or Anthropologie and spend too much money on expensive clothes…or you could find yourself at a local spot that you did not know ever existed before!

Powell’s City of Books

If you have got a craving for books — old, new, vintage or collectible — then Powell’s is certain to satisfy that hunger. Boasting three floors, nine rooms and 68,000 square feet in size, any bibliophile is sure to find his or herself in paper and ink heaven. Not to mention, Powell’s strives to make sure to provide its consumers with an experience they will love that will keep them coming back for more.

Portland’s Farmers Market

Do you want fresh fruits and vegetables? Then look no further: Portland State University hosts a farmer’s market every Saturday year-round. They have live music, chef demos, food education, and plenty of different fresh foods to eat. This is an event that the whole family can enjoy together as they shop, eat, listen to music, and play.

Pendleton Woolen Mills

A rainbow of blankets greets you when you walk into this expansive store, showing off a beautiful selection of woolen wonders. If you are curious, there is also a space available there which will show you how sheep’s wool is transformed into yarn and woven into blankets.

Once you have taken a trip to Portland, Oregon and seen up close and personal just how delightfully strange it is, you may find yourself wondering why you have stayed away for so long. With a plethora of natural beauty, yummy places to eat and shopping that is unexpected yet fun, you will not run out of things to do in the beautiful — albeit weird — Northwest city.

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