Most Popular Things to See in Old City Jerusalem

Jerusalem offers travelers some of the most breathtaking religious experiences around the world. With history dating back 3,000 years, it’s no wonder why Jerusalem is one of the most sought after religious vacation destinations.

If you’re taking a trip to Jerusalem then a must-visit site is Old City Jerusalem. The area offers one of the best religious experiences available because of the number of holy sites sacred to Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Old City Jerusalem is quite small in size, but tourists still manage to lose their sense of direction because of the countless alleyways and narrow streets. It’s difficult navigating the old city and experiencing all of it in one day unless you’re part of a tour group with a schedule. If you only have a day to visit Old City Jerusalem, you should seriously consider hiring a tour guide so you don’t miss out on any of the fascinating structures and temples.

Some tour guides are able to structure a tour based on your wants and needs so be sure to select a tour that suits your preferences. The most popular destinations of Old City Jerusalem include:

The Western Wall

The Western Wall, Jerusalem

The Western Wall is the only structural piece remaining from what surrounded the ancient temple. Today the wall is one of the most-visited sites for Jewish prayer. At more than 185 feet high and 260 feet wide, the Western Wall is an amazing sight to see. Each day Jews leave small pieces of paper between the cracks of the wall that have prayers written on them. It’s speculated that each stone of the wall weighs anywhere from two to eight tons. If you ask the locals, many of them will say God’s spirit is within the wall.

The Temple Mount

Temple Mount

Another holy site for the Jewish people is the Temple Mount, which is the site where some of the first temples in Jerusalem existed. In fact, the Bible refers to the site as Mount Moriah. The Temple Mount is special to Christians and Muslim as well. Christians believe Jesus made trips to the site several times. Muslims believe the site is where Muhammad began his journey to heaven.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is a very sacred place for Christians as they believe the site of the church is where Jesus was crucified and buried. It’s located within the Christian Quarter of Old City Jerusalem and it’s a very common destination for tourists of all religions.

The Tower of David Museum

Tower of David Museum by Brian Negin on Flickr

There isn’t a better museum in Jerusalem to learn about the area’s history than the Tower of David Museum. When planning your schedule do your best to visit the museum when it’s dark because the nightly light show is truly amazing. The museum also features an outdoor archaeological garden and there you can walk around the old city wall. Entrance to the museum is at Jaffa gate.

The Market at the Muslim Quarter

Muslim Quarter Market in Jerusalem

This particular market will have you thinking about what it might have been like in the early days of Jerusalem. It’s a great place to pick up souvenirs and you can find it easily when entering through Jaffa gate.

Hiring a tour guide to experience all of what Old City Jerusalem has to offer is recommended. It’s easy to get lost in the crowds and you may not have enough time to experience everything that you want to see. A tour guide can keep you on track and will know when it’s the best time to visit specific areas based on crowds.

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