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“The Earth is so beautiful, the world is so big,” Hugues Auffray sings. Earth is blessed with 300 000 islands, 936 properties. Indeed, our blue planet is a treasure. Open your eyes and enjoy the most beautiful places in the world! Our planet holds true paradise! Do you know them?

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay

Located in the Sea of Andaman , southern Thailand, the Bay of Phang Nga consists of 44 islands. The beautiful landscape of limestone was formed several millions of years back by the movements of the earth’s crust. On the island of Tham Lawd , tourists can slide under the natural arch caves where stalactites are formed picturesque.

The Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls

Located in the middle of the rainforest on the border between Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu Falls is a series of 275 waterfalls that flow into a pit depth of 80m. They dump up to six million liters of water per second! The highest waterfall reaches 90m in height. It is the Devil’s Throat. With wooden walkways and iron, it is possible to approach a few meters to find the heart of the steam curtains and admire the rainbow arcs formed by permanent water droplets in suspension in the atmosphere. A sublime spectacle offered by nature!

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, at the border of the United States and Canada, was formed 12,000 years ago when the glaciers melted. They are composed of three waterfalls: the Horseshoe in Canada, the American Falls and Bridal Veil in the United States. These are the most powerful waterfalls in North America, their rate of up to 5.5 million liters per second! Renowned for their beauty, Niagara Falls is also a huge source of hydroelectric power.

The Maldives


The mild climate, lagoons covered with corals, colorful marine life, the sandy beaches, coconut palms and tropical fruits, turquoise waters to 28 ° C … Welcome to the Maldives! Located in southwest Asia, in the Indian Ocean, the 1190 islands of the archipelago, of which 202 are inhabited not exceed 2km ² each.  Visitors can jump from island to island and enjoy their stay with the traditional boat, drinking a Kurumba , a refreshing juice or coconut dance , the traditional Maldivian folklore. But they should certainly explore the beautiful underwater in search of lion fish, the manta or scorpion fish. As beautiful as they are, the islands of the Maldives are threatened with extinction.

The Rajasthan and Maharajahs

Rajasthan, India

Located in Northwest India, the province of Rajasthan is a legacy of the former princely states of the country, known as the “Land of Kings”. This legendary country possesses huge buildings of Mughal architecture, dazzling palaces of maharajas and thousands of sacred places. A Pushkar example, there are more than 400 temples! It is also in this holy city that takes place during the full moon of November, the largest camel fair in the world. These incredible beaches, the majestic peaks and the views breathtaking. Certainly this is amazing, but do not doubt, it’s even better in reality!

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  1. Lovely pics and description i am really impressed i would love to visit these places if i ever get a chance and i think these places are worth a visit.

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