Places to Visit in Egypt on a Budget

With the winter months quickly engulfing the warmer temperatures folks want to find an exotic escape from their everyday chill. Many fly to the islands, road trip to a more southern state, or simply tough it out in the extremes of the tundra. However, few actually find their way to the history rich lands buried within the sands of the Middle East known as Egypt. Even fewer know how inexpensive trips to the mystical land can be. Here are a few Egyptian destinations to visit this holiday without breaking the bank.

Egyptian Museum (Cairo)

Egyptian Museum Cairo by V Manninen on Flickr

The Egyptian Museum of Antiques has been around since 1891. If you’re planning to visit the regal cornucopia of history and heritage, you will want to stop at this museum for a look into the histories past. With the ticket prices ranging from 60 EGP (USD 8.71) to 100 EGP (USD 14.52), this is a wonderfully inexpensive way to explore the ancient sarcophagi of ancient Egyptian royalty, and treasures beyond your wildest dream. Anyone could spend countless hour in this museum and still have things left unturned at every crevice and corner.

Ain Umm el-Dabadib Ruins (Kharga Oasis)

Ummm el-Dabadib by isawnyu on Flickr

If you want to visit a site that radiates ancient Egyptian ruins, temples, Christian churches, cemeteries and has an awe-inspiring irrigation system, the Ain Umm el-Dabadib is the place to go. There are plenty of things you can spend your money on, but if these ruins pull at the strings of your traveling heart, you may want to invest your cash in a guide and a good 4×4 to visit this beautiful, history-rich fortress of secrets. The enclosure still shows signs of ancient studies of mummification, while displaying an interesting period of Christian influence. The mud-bricked structure also displays an advanced system of irrigation that was utilized as a means of bringing water from the Nile to the construct. If you want to explore the ruins more closely and view the living history (the ruins were damaged in 1998 by scavengers looking for goods) you will want to go to the Antiquities Office to get the green light. But, who wouldn’t want to visit this living piece of history? Even the walls have a story to tell, as they potentially date back to Prehistoric times!

Pyramid of Djoser (Saqqara necropolis)

Pyramid of Djoser, Egypt by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

What is a trip to Egypt without visiting the tombs of the great pharaohs? The Pyramid of Djoser is the final resting place of the Egyptian pharaoh Djoser. He was laid to rest by this pries Imhotep within the confines of the large tomb’s structure. The enclosure has various courts where rituals were carried out the help the pharaoh pass from this life to the next. While the tomb may seem a little scary and somewhat creepy, it is rich with history and filled to the brim with different lessons from the past that can enlighten any guest to the pyramid.

These are but a few places to visit in Egypt on a decent budget. There is nothing wrong visiting a few of the off center attractions in the beautiful Egyptian wonderlands. What are few places that you’d like to visit in Egypt?

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