Perfect Gateway Venues For Couples

It’s not always easy to be a couple – especially if you’ve been part of a couple for a long time. Many couples completely forget that love takes time and energy. It isn’t something that can be faked or fulfilled with half measures, it’s got to be nurtured. It doesn’t matter whether you’re twenty four or forty five – all couples need time to spend alone with each other, says Ask journalist Sarah Stefanson. Admittedly, this can be somewhat tricky when the kids, the dog, your parents, your kid’s teachers and the laundry are all vying for your attention, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not important.

If you’ve been spending more time with the hoover than your husband just lately – why not consider whisking him away on a romantic getaway? If you’ve been glued to your desk and not your wife for the last six months, it’s time to make a change. There are some truly stunning getaway venues located up and down the country – all it takes to find the perfect one for you is a little research a quick phone call. In a few weeks’ time you and your partner could be relaxing on a beach, in a cabin in the woods or in a castle in the Scottish Highlands – it’s up to you.

The Lake Vyrnwy Hotel & Spa, Powys

Lake Vyrnwy Hotel by mikemcsharry on Flickr

Powys, in mid-Wales, is a beautiful region full of rolling hills, valleys and waterfalls. It is also home to the majestic Lake Vyrnwy and on its banks sits the Lake Vyrnwy hotel & spa. This resort is the epitome of luxury and it seems to have been designed with couples in mind. It’s quite a large complex but because it’s hidden in the trees – you’ll feel like you’re the only two people in the world. This Lake Vyrnwy hotel doesn’t only offer guests a chance to stay in gorgeous surroundings, it also offers them a comprehensive choice of luxury spa treatments. This hotel is the perfect place for couples who like their getaways to feature a generous helping of luxury and pampering. If you like, you can even share a romantic boat ride across the lake. According to The Grown Up Getaway Guide, the Lake Vyrnwy hotel & spa is ‘a truly memorable place to stay.’

Mazot Les Tines, Chamonix

Chamonix by edwin.11 on Flickr

A romantic and exotic getaway doesn’t have to come hand in hand with sunburn, dodgy tan lines and mosquito repellent, you know. If you don’t happen to be a fan of any of these things but you do want a cozy, romantic getaway for two – who not consider jetting off to Chamonix in the French Alps. Situated Chamonix and Argentière, sits a tiny fairytale cottage in the middle of the woods. There’s nobody else in this cottage and there’s nobody around it for miles in either direction. It comes with stunning views of Mont Blanc and it has a traditional open fire. Seriously, could you ask for anything better?

Kinnettles Castle, Angus

Kinnettles Castle in Angus, Scotland, is simply staggering to see for the first time. It’s a 15th century castle that now operates as a five star luxury hotel. If you’ve ever wanted to live like royalty for a weekend – get yourself down to Angus and check yourselves into this hotel. It sits in the historic town of Angus and is just twelve miles from Dundee, so it’s well placed for ambitious sightseers as well as smooching couple. The hotel has its own wine cellars, games room and golf course. You’re going to find it very difficult to get bored during a stay at this charming castle. Whether you go out exploring or stay in bed all day with toast and a movie is up to you.

Cagliari, Sardinia

Poetto Beach, Sardinia

Cagliari in Sardinia is the last word in romance, says Discover Italia. An ancient city with a long history, Cagliari is popular with couples looking to get married somewhere exotic. If you’re hoping for a getaway that involves sea, sand and plenty of romantic opportunities – you can’t go wrong with this part of the world. Take a walk down Poetto beach and you’ll know just why Cagliari is so popular with couples in love.


Kevin Maddox is a relationship counsellor and the author of two self help books. Their favorite destination is Kinnettles Castle in Angus, Scotland. Kevin and his wife make time to go on a romantic getaway at least once a year.

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