Paris’ Best Traditional Restaurants

Fine Dining in ParisA trip to Paris is a popular choice with lots of famous tourist attractions found on every corner, however with such a rich traditional culture indulging in some lesser known local attractions is a must- and where better to start than a cozy traditional French restaurant? Here’s some of the best you’ll find throughout Paris, just a short flight or a Eurostar away.


Found a stones through from Boulevard Saint Germain, this restaurant takes traditional France to a new level with the entire menu based on the AOC concept (Appellation d’Origine Controlee.) This means all produce has been reared or made in accordance with strict guidelines which aim to protect products that are unique to specific areas resulting in some of the world’s best produce. And it’s all served in the most charming of surroundings- the owner’s grandmother’s side boards line the walls while traditional knick-knacks tell a thousand stories.

Au Trou Normand

A bargain basement style cafeteria with a trendy twist, Au Trou Normand’s dishes are simple, traditional and served in hearty portions. Perfect after a Winter wonder around the city!

Les Ombres

If you’re looking for traditional French cuisine with a view, this is the restaurant for you. Nestled at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, this modern design restaurant incorporates modern style with French tradition. Pop in for tea on the terrace between 3pm and 5pm or sample their a la carte offering while the sun sets on the Eiffel Tower.


Over looking the Seine River, this traditional meeting place for some of Paris’ oldest art lovers, Guy de Maupassant and Emile Zola has been reborn with much of the traditional décor restored and the essence of the original menus brought up to date with great local produce and wines.


For the more budget aware diners, Chartier offers inexpensive and much loved traditional cuisine with main dishes available from as little as 8 Euros. With such a great reputation and low prices, crowds of tourists and locals alike flock to grab one of the 300 seats in the turn of the century dining room so it’s advisable to arrive early.

Chez Gladines

Found in the almost village like Butte aux Cailles area of Paris, Chez Gladines is a bustling restaurant offering a relaxed atmosphere and high quality French-Basque style meals from as little as 10 Euros. Ever the simple place, they don’t accept reservations so it’s advisable to arrive early and bring cash rather than your credit card!

And the gems don’t stop there, Paris has one of the highest number of restaurants per square mile in the world so there’s no excuse to be taken in by the easy tourist hot spots. Take the short trip, book a local hotel and don’t be afraid to explore the more traditional side of Paris, it’ll be worth it!


  1. Thanks for sharing the restaurants. I think Paris traditions restaurants are the best place to enjoy a good meal.

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