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Paragliding Around the World: 7 Best Places To Experience The Thrill Of Gliding

Paragliding Around the World

If you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure of a lifetime then you should try paragliding. It will give you a sense of flying like a bird over picturesque surroundings. Paragliding is one of the most heart-pounding adventurous activities and you will enjoy every bit of it. You need a little bit of courage. But once you take your flight you will realize that there is actually nothing to fear.

You will need to carry the proper equipment for paragliding with you. If you are a climber or an experienced paraglider then you will need to be more equipped to move up the higher mountains to take a dive. You can carry your paragliding and mountaineering accessories to the spot. You can use roof racks on your car to carry these accessories. To buy roof racks, Melbourne or other big cities have lots of dedicated stores and it won’t also be a problem to get the right equipment for paragliding.

There are various wonderful locations around the world from where you can paraglide. Here are our top six picks to experience the thrill of gliding.

1. Strzelecki Lookout, Australia

Though there are many paragliding locations in Australia, Strzelecki lookout seems to stand apart. Located atop Shepherd’s hill, the Lookout offers a marvelous 360-degree view for paragliders and tourists alike. One can get an outstanding view of a series of beaches and a clear coastline.

Many expert guides are available here to make your paragliding experience even better. Just make sure you go through the guidelines set by Newcastle Hang Gliding Club (NHGC) before starting your paragliding adventure.

2. Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The greenery, lakes and ice-capped mountains are just awesome and when you get to view all these from the top, there is simply nothing like it. You will jump off the 5,380 feet summit of Cerro Arco and fly over the Andean landscape. You will enjoy looking at the city and the alpine valleys.

3. Pokhara, Nepal

If you want to have staggering views of the tallest mountain ranges in the world then you must go to Pokhara Valley in Nepal. As the altitude is low, you won’t feel very cold. You will get a bird’s eye view of the Annapurna and Himalayan mountain ranges. You will also get a wonderful view of the Phewa Lake. You need to jump off from the hills of the village Srangkot for paragliding.

4. Oludeniz, Turkey

Paragliding in Turkey

You will get a postcard-like view of the bay of Oludeniz if you paraglide from here. You will have to leap from the top of the Mount Babadag. You will love the white sands beside the blue-green water. You will also get a view of the Taurus mountains.

5. Chamonix, France

Located near Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe, Chamonix is a wonderful village near the Switzerland-French border. Every year paragliding fans flock this place. Paragliding from here will give you a breathtaking experience. You will get a spectacular view of Mont Blanc and the lovely Chamonix valley below. Many lifts are available at different locations to reach the various take-off points. As the mountains are steep you need to be an experienced glider. Some experienced gliders even reach the summit in order to launch their flight.

6. Cape Town, South Africa

If you want to view the spectacular Table Mountain then there is nothing like paragliding in Cape Town. You will get amazing views of Cape Town from the top. If you are staying in near Table Mountain National Park then you can take your motorbike to reach the venue. If you are an experienced glider, then you can go up to Table Mountain to launch your flight. Most flights take off from Signal Hill and Lion’s Head.

7. Washington, USA

Washington has hilly regions that are perfect for paragliding. The Tiger Mountain, near Seattle, is an excellent spot. You will get a spectacular view of mountains, lakes and the valley. It is a gorgeous site and you will have a breathtaking experience.


You can take a guided tour to the paragliding spot or arrange everything by yourself. The guided tour providers usually provide paragliding accessories. But if you go by yourself, you need to arrange everything that you might need. You can get to the spot by car, bikes or any other means. After you reach the spot you can either climb, use cable car or lifts if available to get to the top for launching your flight. It is better to glide with a paragliding trainer or someone experienced if it’s your first time.

If it’s your first time, being scared is perfectly normal. But the fear will soon pass by the wonderful experience that you are about to have. You just need to gather the courage to jump from the top. The experience would truly be adventurous and breathtaking.

The top paragliding spots mentioned above are simply awesome and a must-visit for all the paragliding enthusiasts.

Author Bio: Jessica Smith

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