Take better travel photos
Travel Photography

Want to Take Better Travel Photos? Learn how to Document your Adventures and preserve your memories

Photos are one of the best ways to remember your travels! If you want to improve your photography, start here. You’ll learn how to take better smartphone pictures, improve your DSLR / mirrorless photography, and more.

Digital Nomads

Full-Time Travel? Location Independence? Yes, please!

Do you want to travel the world while earning a living, without being tied to a specific location?

I’ve enjoyed this flexibility for years and I want to help you learn to do the same thing. Whether you want to work for yourself in business, teach overseas, or get involved with volunteer work in foreign countries, here are resources to help you get started.

work from anywhere

Best of Florida Travel Resources

Space Coast


The Florida Keys

Spotlight on Florida Travel


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My Travel Blog

On my travel blog, I write about the places I have visited, as well as the place I call home. I live in the Sunshine State, so you’ll see a lot of posts about Florida. I live in an area called the Space Coast, so named because Cape Canaveral is here, and we have rockets going up at least weekly! It’s also the home of the world-famous Cocoa Beach, which also ties into the Space Program if you remember the old TV show I Dream of Jeannie, which was set in Cocoa Beach and whose protagonist was an astronaut.

I’ve travelled extensively throughout the United States, but I’m still working on my goal of visiting all 50 states! Over the past decade I’ve also started doing more international travel, which I hadn’t done since my husband and I got married in 1999. So you’ll find lots of articles about the places I’ve been, including England, Costa Rica, and Italy. You’ll also find some guest posts for other areas that have been contributed by other bloggers I know and trust.

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