How to Pack Lightly for a Minibreak

Plan First, to Pack Lightly

Plan First, to Pack Lightly

There’s many a woman who’s been wooed on a minibreak (after all, it was Bridget Jones who famously proclaimed that ‘a minibreak means true love’), but one of the downsides of a minibreak is knowing you have to pack lightly. Whether you’re heading to a family holiday park or Euro Disney, making sure your suitcase is light is the key to a stress-free travel experience. However, if you’re a girl who likes to drag her entire wardrobe with her, narrowing down your options can be rather difficult. Here’s how to make sure that you end up with a capsule wardrobe that’ll knock your companion’s socks off – and will ensure you always look ace.

Our Best Tips to Help You Pack Lightly

If you’re flying, and you’re only taking hand luggage, check the dimensions of your bag with your airline. If you think you’re going to struggle getting everything into your original bag and baggage guidelines suggest you could take a bigger suitcase, buy one. Why limit yourself needlessly?

Never, ever attempt to pack at the last minute, and throw various items into aforementioned bag in a blind panic. This will result in you taking eight pairless shoes with you, a grey tracksuit top and two pairs of pants. Also, never pack under the influence. Set aside a few hours the evening before to properly evaluate your wardrobe, and make sure that you’ve washed everything that you’re considering taking with you. Smelly is not sexy. Don’t even think about cracking open the Febreeze – if it’s not clean, it doesn’t go.

Your best bet is to focus on key pieces that can be worn during the daytime, and at night. Here’s another tip – monochrome. Black and grey are very easy bedfellows, and white goes with everything. Lay all your chosen clothes out on your bed, and ‘make’ outfits up by placing them on top/underneath each other, so you’re ‘building’ looks for yourself. If something doesn’t look right on the bed, it won’t look right on holiday. Trust us.

How Not to Pack Lightly!

How Not to Pack Lightly!

Don’t try and convince yourself that you’ll wear that long orange dress, or those bizarre yellow heels. You might, if you’re called upon to take part in an impromptu fashion show, but the chances are slim. Stick with clothes that you like, and that make you feel comfortable in. Don’t forget to take spare pairs of tights (tuck them inside shoes, much like socks). We recommend: a decent jacket in a color that won’t clash with everything, skinny jeans in black, a variety of tops and a few flattering bras. You won’t need much else. Apart from clean pants.

Here’s another good rule of thumb – don’t go overboard with toiletries or make-up. You don’t need to take five bottles of pore-minimizing lotion, or liquid eyeliner. Go with the staples – much like with clothes, don’t be tempted to show off your snazzy glittery items. You’re best off with a good foundation, a mascara, eyeliner and a lipstick/lipbalm. False eyelashes will look ridiculous if you’re catching a plane in the early hours, and despite what advertising tells you, there’s no need to carry your entire make-up collection with you. However, don’t scrimp on shampoo, conditioner, soap and deodorant – and don’t buy those tiny travel sets if you reckon you’ll need more.

Now onto the tricky topic of shoes. Will you need heels? The answer is only ‘yes’ if you wear them frequently, and you can definitely walk in them. Otherwise, err on the side of caution, and leave your platforms at home. Nothing will ruin your fun faster than matching blisters and feet that have been rubbed raw.


Vicky Anscombe is a Norwich-based writer that has been known to enjoy the odd trip to a UK-based holiday park. She enjoys savoury foodstuffs, fine wines and laughing loudly.

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