The Best Oxford Walking Tours

Oxford, England, is a very well-known UK city. Many will attach the name with the famous Oxford University; however, in recent years the city is becoming very popular for tourists in the UK to go on guided walks. Read on to discover the perfect Oxford walking tours for your enjoyment!

There are countless walks to participate in, operated by several companies. Two providers to consider are Oxford Tour Guides and Experience Oxfordshire. The cost and length of the tour depends on the specific options selected and walking tour operator.

Below are some of the current popular guided walks available to visitors.

Oxford Walking Tours - Oxford University
Oxford University

University and City Oxford Walking Tours

The university and city tour will lead you all around Oxford, giving you the information that you have been waiting to hear. Highlights include the world-renowned Oxford University and the buildings and surrounding infrastructures.

There is also a family tour option, which offers a sheet for children and adults to group together and fill out. It’s a great interactive tour for the kids to take part in.

Inspectors Tour

The Inspectors Tour features famous TV detectives Morse, Lewis, Hathaway and Endeavour. Oxford is, after all, the place where the famous British series inspector Morse was filmed! This very tour will take you around the scenes that were used for the series, and you will get to see familiar spots where the late David Frost filmed the series Inspector Morse.

Oxford Museum of Natural History
Oxford Museum of Natural History

Literary Oxford Tour

Avid readers will enjoy a literary-based walking tour. Famous writers who lived or studied/taught in Oxford include C.S.Lewis (The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe), J.R.R. Tolkien (The Hobbit), Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland), William Golding (Lord of the Flies), and John Le Carre (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy).

There are even tours dedicated specially to Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland!

Or if you’re a fan of His Dark Materials, then consider the Philip Pullman Tour of Oxford.

Civil War / Historical Tours

If you are a fan of history and war then take the Civil War Tour, which will tell you all about how King Charles made the church his headquarters when all hell broke loose.

The Jewish Heritage Tour will let you know all about how the Jewish used to live in Oxford and how in the medieval days it was a headquarters for them.

Gardens and Architecture Tours

The Garden Tour will have you touring around the greenery on offer in Oxford. Of course, this tour is most amazing in the spring, when the flowers have started to bloom!

Oxford Cathedral
Oxford Cathedral

The Gargoyles & Grotesques Tour will show you the many medieval motifs, demons and emblems that are all around the city buildings, hiding for the more watchful visitors to look at.

The Magic, Murder & Mayhem Tour will tell you all about the magic, criminals and the many secret societies that have been (and still are) in the city! The secret societies are associated with Oxford University, the most famous being the Bullingdon Club. Or perhaps the Ghost Tour sparks your imagination more?

Which Oxford Walking Tour will you choose?

Hopefully this article has sparked your interest in participating in a walking tour through this beautiful and historic city. No matter what your interest, there’s sure to be a tour for you.

When choosing a tour and a company, be sure to check online reviews to find the best ones. If you have any special needs, such as a wheelchair, or if you’re in the company of younger children, be sure to let the tour company know in advance so that they can best accompany your party.

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    Oxford is really a cool place to go out it has got some of the most unique monuments and sceneries in the world.

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