Orlando Theme Park Hotels: 5 Valuable Reasons to Stay

Theme parks have become such a great American hobby that sports stars like to mention them after just about any great victory (I’m going to Disney World!). Simply heading down towards Orlando can give a person an opportunity to enjoy many of these parks, and by the time a vacation is over with, it’s likely that a family will be in love with the area. These trips, however, take a fair amount of planning. Luckily, many theme parks have their own hotels, and while some people don’t realize it, the benefits related to these hotels are numerous.

Disney World All-Star Movies Resort by Darren Wittko on Flickr

1. Package Discounts

Many people worry about the costs of staying at a theme park hotel, but in reality, this concern is usually misplaced. It’s extremely important to look into package deals prior to planning a trip. An individual who books their theme park tickets and their hotel at the same time can usually get discounts that will allow them to stay at the park hotel for a great price. Sometimes you will even find a deal with free dining included when booking a package.

2. Worry-Free Travel

For those staying in their hotels, most theme parks will provide shuttles to and from the airport and, of course, to and from all of their parks. This eliminates having to pay for parking each day, which quickly adds up to more savings. Also, another point to consider that any Orlando, FL DUI attorney can attest to, is the fact that DUI convictions do not just happen to residents of the Orlando area. Most, if not all, theme parks now serve alcohol, so if you’re planning to consume during your time at the theme parks, it’s safer to avoid the roads altogether. This is one benefit of the shuttle service that often gets overlooked.

3. Park Proximity

The proximity to the theme parks are a major selling point for many people considering these hotels. Families with toddlers, for instance, will absolutely love the fact that they don’t have to go far when it’s nap time. The family can simply have fun, and when that point in the day where everyone needs a break rolls around, it’s a quick trip back to the hotel. Once everyone gets some rests, it’s only a quick trip back to the park for more evening fun.

4. Park Perks

The perks that go along with staying at a theme park hotel are among the greatest benefits that a person will find. Some parks, for instance, allow those who are staying within the park’s lodgings to gain access to the park a full hour before other individuals can. Additionally, hotel guests are often given priority in the lines leading up to the park’s rides and attractions.

5. Magical Moments

A great advantage of staying in a theme park hotel, especially for the children, is the feeling of magic that is provided. Disney theme park hotels, for instance, provide wake up calls from a child’s favorite Disney character. Additionally, Disney characters make appearances in the dining areas of these hotels as well. The only thing better than taking a child to Disney World is ensuring that they get a phone call from Goofy and a dining experience with Snow White.

Contrary to what some people may believe, theme park hotels aren’t just another way for the park to make more money. These hotels can literally add to the experience and overall enjoyment of a family’s trip. These lodgings provide a host of benefits while not costing much more than a typical hotel. In the end, the advantages that staying at a theme park hotel provide far outweigh any benefits a person thinks they’ll have at another place of lodging.


Bethany Gillis is a former flight attendant who loves to travel, especially when there’re savings to be had. But, as she’s already alluded to and, as any Orlando, FL DUI attorney can attest to, sometimes the value is not at all about the monetary savings. She offers this advice in hopes that travelers will consider all aspects of the value of theme park hotels, which can ultimately lead to a more pleasant and, most importantly, safer vacation.

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