One Thousand and One Nights: Adventure Holidays To Arabia

It’s a sad fact that Arabia was once cautioned by westerners for its association with war and heavy fighting, however although not forgotten, Arabia has become a beauty of the 21st Century. With just the right balance of modernity and traditional culture, it has become an exciting adventure travel location for passionate travellers.

Who knows if you’ll ever encounter flying carpets, genies in lamps or talking parrots, but away from the norm, Arabia adventures are pretty special. With beautiful deserts, incredible history and a fascinating culture, you can learn and experience the historical folk tales of One Thousand and One Nights on your journey to Arabia.

With this in mind, below are a few travel opportunities you might not have thought of.

Wadi Rum

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Sleeping like a sultan under the stars

You could start your Arabian adventure by camping in Wadi Rum, Jordan. After watching a beautiful sunset, the night sky is so clear here that sleeping under the stars is an experience in itself. Surrounded by never-ending sand dunes, and huge desert mountains, you can experience these parts in true Arabian night fashion. Don’t forget to look out for shooting stars too.

Exploring underwater in the Red Sea

These crystal clear waters are highly recommended for those who love exotic sea creatures. With a maximum depth of 2211M and shallow shelves, it attracts the most incredible range of tropical marine life creating the perfect setting for deep sea divers and snorkelers.

Or if you don’t fancy getting into the water, you could always take a day, overnight or sunset cruise to experience the best of both worlds. Move over Sinbad, sailing adventures don’t just exist in folk tales.

Dromedary ride in the Wadi Rum, Jordan

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Crossing the Sinai desert by camel

Step into a scene from Aladdin with an Arabian camel trek across golden sands. The Sinai desert holds an incredible history with ancient buildings such as St. Catherine’s Monastery and unforgettable views providing the perfect backdrop for your journey across the sandy dunes.

Not everyone likes camels, so why not ride by 4×4 or explore by foot instead? The Mushroom Rock and the Narrow Canyon are pretty amazing sights that you shouldn’t miss, so make you add these to your adventure plan.

Sand boarding….anywhere!

Okay so sand boarding doesn’t really appear anywhere in the folk tales of Arabian nights, but with the sun in the sky, plenty of sand dunes and free time on your hands, what prince, princess, sultan or sailor wouldn’t feel like grabbing a board and riding those sandy waves if they had the chance?

The sand dune of Hadoudah is the highest dune in the Sinai and a particularly great spot for those who wish to give it a go.


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