An Oahu Scuba Diving Adventure

We’ve always wanted to try Oahu scuba diving. My wife is always going on and on about how we never have any time together ever since we had our three kids and I started my new job. So, I decided for our twenty-fifth anniversary that I would take her on a vacation to Hawaii, just the two of us. I talked to my parents, and they agreed to watch our kids for us while we were gone, and even gave us the name of the hotel that they stayed at when they vacationed there a few years ago. When I was making the reservations, the concierge asked me if I wanted to book any extra activities for us to do while we were there, and that was when I remembered the comment my wife had made that one time while we were watching a documentary on scuba diving—about how it was always something that she had been curious about. I decided to go ahead and book the two of us in for an introductory scuba diving lesson in Hanauma Bay, especially because the concierge told me that it was the best place for a beginner to learn in all of Oahu.

Oahu Scuba Diving

A few weeks before I surprised my wife with our trip, I watched a few nature shows that I had recorded about divers in Hawaii in order to get myself ready for what we were going to experience. It looked pretty complicated, and I almost got it in my head to call the hotel back and ask them to cancel our tour, but I knew that it was something my wife would absolutely love doing, so I decided to just tough it out.

Our anniversary finally arrived and we boarded our plane to Oahu. We checked into our very romantic hotel and I told my wife that I had a surprise for her the next day, and that she needed to be ready to go hang out at the beach early the next morning. She was very excited and impressed that I had managed to plan all of this without her knowing, and even though she isn’t the biggest fan of surprises, she agreed to be ready by 7 am the next morning.

The van arrived to pick us up right on time, and my wife was pretty stunned when she found out what we were going to be doing. In fact, I’d say she was a little closer to horrified—apparently my wife was terrified of swimming in the open ocean. When the scuba diving instructor found out about this, he was extremely gentle with my wife, encouraging her and letting her know that Hanauma Bay was one of the safest places for scuba diving because of the way it was formed. I was a little worried that she wouldn’t go through with it all, but by the time we got in the water and swam around a little, she absolutely loved it. In fact, she kept saying that it was one of the best experiences of her life and that she was so glad that she had the courage to get in there and try Oahu scuba diving.


Guest post by author Vic D.

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