3 Best and Eccentric North American Valentine’s Getaways

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. Unfortunately, after a few years of chocolates and flowers, most people are ready to change it up a little bit. Some decide they want to get away from their homes and go on a road trip through the northern part of the Americas. Here are a few romantic getaways that aren’t among your typical love-filled destinations.

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, British Columbia

Image via Flickr by Danielle Bauer

A Good majority of us think Canada and we instantly start thinking about the various wild-life, healthcare, and hockey. However, most wouldn’t think of the US’s northern neighbor to be a country home to some of the most romantic destinations on this side of the equator.

Vancouver, BC is beautiful all on its own, but if you’d like to visit for your romantic vacation, feel free to explore a few places before you jump on to the next destination. The city is surrounded by a beautiful mountain range with a slew of gorgeous aquatic banks making their way through the buildings like those of Vienna, only much larger. For the quiet couple, you could always head down to Stanley Park and enjoy a night being chauffeured via horse-drawn carriage. Or, you may want to find your way down to Robson Square for a little one-on-one ice-skating sessions. No matter which destination you choose, you’ll want to make sure you stop off at the Third Beach of Stanley Park. Rumor has it, the sunsets are simply illuminating.

Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington

Image via Flickr by Frank Fujimoto

While Seattle is usually known for being rainy and depressing, you might find yourself surprised if you are planning a romantic getaway take a second look at this beautiful bolstering city. For those who like to dwell among the daylight and sunshine, check out Fremont Canal Park. There aren’t too many trees so you’d be able to have a friendly game of Frisbee. The park is enshrouded with rustic livelihood and robust walkways where you can either take a loving stroll or rent a few bikes and take a nice ride through the park. If you still haven’t had your fill of soothing nature, feel free to enjoy the cool breeze and enjoy an evening together at Kubota Garden. This garden is littered with beautiful trees and contrasting architecture. It is a garden that can truly give the authentic feeling of walking through a grand Japanese garden. If you still aren’t sure what to do with yourselves after taking a walk, ask around for a few travel tips. Maybe you’ll consider making the beautiful town your new home so you can explore all it has to offer.

Savannah, GA

Savannah, Georgia

Image via Flickr by Ron Cogswell

Perhaps you’d rather spend your evenings with your sweetheart in an old-fashioned history filled town like Savannah, GA. If you’ve decided that you’d rather find yourself indoors and surrounded by beautifully artistic works of art, feel free to enter the Telfair Academy. Don’t worry, you aren’t going to school. The museum was once a beautifully crafted mansion that had been flipped to display large quantities of gorgeous artwork. Afterwards, make your way down to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Whether or not you’re religious, enjoy the beautifully crafted architectural structure and the luscious history it has to offer. Who knows, perhaps a pair of lovers such as you and yours were wed there?

Any way you slice it, there are a huge variety of things that can be accomplished on a romantic getaway. Take a second look at cities you wouldn’t have normally thought of going to as a nice and quiet romantic getaway. What are a few other places that you can think of to woo your beloved with?

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