New Zealand Travel Guide

There are many places throughout the globe one should visit during his or her lifetime. However, many people will say there are none quite as beautiful as the country of New Zealand. There are some people that have decided to vacation nowhere else in the world but New Zealand. With a landscape rivaling most continents, New Zealand offers even the most seasoned of travelers new and fascinating points of interest. While many people choose to fly to the country and visit only a few of the larger areas, some veterans of travel spend weeks to months exploring the sand to sea vistas of the country. One of the most rewarding experiences one may ever have is renting a motor home or camper van to visit some of the more off-the-path areas of New Zealand.

New Zealand

North Island

A great place for one to start is at the Great Barrier Island located on the North Island. While only accessible by ferry or plane, the island offers one a true testament to coastal beauty. The island is free of high rise buildings and commercialism while it utilizes its local populations through small businesses to meet all of its needs. The local residents are considered some of the most progressive in the world as most rely on the alternative energies of wind and hydro to power their lifestyles. Very few places in the world offer such a lush landscape of vegetation residing adjacent to waters of the open ocean.

Another sub-tropical coastal plain is the Bay of Islands mostly known for Motuarohia, Moturua, and Urupukapuka. For water lovers, this is paradise. In this area one has the option for taking kayaking adventures through the seaside forests and rock formations, diving some of the most beautiful waters in the world, or taking speedboats racing through the ocean. These islands offer many options for a fun-filled adventure in the country along with some of the most beautiful coastline throughout the world.

South Island

Although the South Island has virtually as many coastal destinations as the North Island, one may want to see some of New Zealand’s mountains as well. Of the many towns one should visit, Arthur’s Pass is very accessible and visually stunning. This is part of the New Zealand Alps and is a close destination from the base city of Christchurch. Here, traveler’s can choose from one of the many trails that explore on foot this magnificent area of peaks, valleys, rivers and streams. For the less physical, the TranzAlpine railroad travels to some of the most elusive areas of the park in a short amount of time.

Another well known South Island town is that of Hammer Springs. Hammer Springs is a small town located about two hours by car north of Christchurch. Here, one can relax in one of the many hot spring spas and be bathed and pampered until the sun goes down. After a fully relaxing day at the spa, dinner at one of the many five-star restaurants may be in order. Because of its laid back atmosphere and variety of accommodations, Hammer Springs is a great place to set up base camp for touring the South Island.


S.P. Rodriguez is a world traveler and adventurer specializing in campervan travel throughout New Zealand. His experiences with both environment and people have kept him traveling by motorhome through New Zealand exclusively for almost ten years.

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