How to Do New York in Only Three Days

New York City is a spot that attracts many tourists every single year. The city is rich in history and in culture. From the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty to Central Park and Times Square, there are attractions throughout the city that everyone can enjoy. It is definitely a place that everyone should visit, even if the trip is a short one. What if the trip is indeed a short one? What things should you do? Which things should you see if you wish to make the most out of your trip to New York?

New York City Three Days

Bus Tours

NYC bus tours are an excellent way to make the most out of your trip to the city. The Classic New York Double-Decker Bus Tour is an example of one of the many tours that the city offers. This specific tour is an excellent one for tourists that are only in the areas for a short time. Although the lower portion of the bus will grant tourists a nice view, the best one would probably be the top. The All Loops Tour will take you anywhere that you decide to go., including Uptown, Downtown, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. On this tour, passengers are able to hop-on and hop-off more than fifty stops throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. There is even a Night Tour for those night owls out there (these trips do not offer the hop-on and hop-off option, however).


If you would still like the opportunity to see Downtown New York but without paying the fee and make the other the stops that comes with a bus tour, there are other options. If money is an issue, be sure to park away from downtown. Although it would seem like it would make more sense to park downtown, it is cheaper to park away from it and take a subway to your desired location. Of the many things that there are to see downtown, visiting the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum is a must. The Museum of Jewish Heritage would be an excellent place to visit for tourists who are interested in New York’s history. Battery Park City is also an interesting place to visit. This park is decorated with old-fashioned street lamps and stunning water views around every corner. There are also children’s playgrounds located here. There is also the Skyscraper Museum within Battery Park City.

Central Park

A trip to New York would not be worth it unless you paid a visit to Central Park. It’s a beautiful place to visit, whether it is autumn, and you are lucky enough to observe the weather turning the foliage beautiful colors before dropping to the ground or during spring when the leaves return, vibrant and green. It is also an excellent place to get some exercise while seeing the sights.

New York is just overflowing with places to see and things to do. From Yankee Stadium and Central Park to a small trip to one of the many hot dog stands and food carts strewn throughout the city. Although three days isn’t an adequate enough time to visit all of New York’s sights, the suggestions mentioned should be enough to fill your days in New York and leave you with wonderful memories of the city that will make you want to return as soon as possible.

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