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Exciting Tours to Take in New Orleans

Most people know the typical tourist destinations of New Orleans: Bourbon Street, Jackson Square, and St. Charles Avenue. They are famous destinations because they truly are interesting and unique, so they are all worth your visit. While people do tend to see these, they may stray away from tours for fear of seeming too “touristy.” Tours are great ways to see a city and hopefully find places you may want to visit on your own. Here are five tours that let you experience different aspects of New Orleans!

New Orleans Swamp Tours

A short trip out of New Orleans takes you into the bayous and canals of Cajun country. The airboat tours of the swamps are one of the most unique experiences you can have in this area of the country. The scenery is beautiful and you’ll be sure to catch glimpses of alligators, flying fish, and more wildlife.

Ghost Tour

Ghost tours are typically a bit hokey, but that does not mean they aren’t fun. The tours take you by some of the oldest French Quarter homes, letting you view the beautiful architecture. Additionally, you will go on streets you may not visit on your own, so you can experience the quieter and less touristy Quarter. They are also a safe way to stroll the streets of the Quarter at night, which is one of the most beautiful times to see it.

New Orlean’s history and ties to voodoo make it known as a haunted city. Take advantage of the mythos and enjoy the spookiest tour of your life! (Ok take that with a grain of salt, too, but a ghost tour is sure to be a fun time.)

If you really like spooky adventures, you may also want to consider a ghost tour in Savannah, Georgia, the next time you visit there. We took one in a hearse and had a great time!

New Orleans Riverboat Tours

Riverboat Tour

In the Mark Twain era, paddlewheel steamboats ruled the mighty Mississippi River, carrying cotton and other goods between ports. You can still feel like Huck Finn by hopping aboard a riverboat tour. You’ll have an incredible view of the city from the railing of the boat and most feature beautiful jazz music while you cruise.

Cemetery Tour

New Orleans’ aboveground cemeteries are architectural masterpieces unto themselves. The tombs are necessary solutions that developed to keep caskets buried in this below-sea-level town. The centuries old tombs are beautiful and unique and should not be missed. Unfortunately, the cemeteries are not necessarily safe, so the best way to see them is with a tour group. There are many historical figures buried and interesting information to be learned, so a tour group is preferable anyway.

New Orleans Culinary Tours

Culinary Tour

Did you know that the first cocktail was invented in New Orleans? Or that the famous oysters Rockefeller came our of a French Quarter kitchen? Or that the oldest restaurant in continuous operation is in the Crescent City? New Orleans has an incredible culinary and spirited history. The culinary tours will let you see many of the important epicurean sites and even sample the cuisines of the various restaurants. It’s a great way to enjoy a taste of all the local food, since you probably won’t have the time to try it all through regular meals.

Beignets are one of the more popular treats in New Orleans, and quite a famous pastry at that! Here’s another treat you may not be as familiar with: fried oysters. At least in Florida, I always think of oysters as being served raw (“on the half shell”), which I don’t particularly care for. But fried oysters are amazing! And don’t forget to top it all off with a hurricane. This mixture of light and dark rums with sweet fruit juices is a New Orleans staple.

No matter what kind of New Orleans tour you choose, you are sure to have fun in this exciting city.

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