The Netherlands and Amsterdam: What the Dutch Won’t Tell You Before Visiting

The Netherlands is a country that attracts many tourists every single year. Amsterdam attracts more than 3 million visitors anually! There are many beautiful landmarks to visit in this peaceful and culturally rich part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but when a tourist arrives they find certain things that could be labeled as strange habits that are very normal to the Dutch. So in this article we are going to give you some of the most popular traditions that you will probably bump into.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nasty Spreads

The name itself is enough to make you think twice about this, but it’s actually a very big deal for the Dutch as they are very creative when it comes to creating food that can be spread on something. There are spreads made of cheese, shrimp chicken and all sorts of spices are also added to the mix. The most exotic spread has to be the raw meat that has been ground until it becomes a paste that you can eat with bread or crackers.

The Stroopwafel

This tasty treat is one of the most common breakfast choices in the Netherlands. It’s made with two layers of baked batter that are very thing and in the middle there is a caramel filling that makes it quite a delicious experience. You will commonly see these things on top of coffee mugs because this makes it eat up a bit and the caramel is even tastier like this. Definitely an experience you cannot miss out on, the stroopwafel-stalls can be found all throughout Amsterdam!

Eating stroopwafels

The White Leggings

This one is for the females and they will probably notice this as soon as they start walking in the streets. Dutch women seem to have quite an obsession with wearing leggings and wearing them white. This is a very common thing because it allows for comfort. You will see a lot more women who are comfortable not looking like Victoria secret models all the time. It almost seems like they are confident enough not to have to dress up all the time.

Giving Birth Naturally

The Dutch are also know for doing things as naturally as possible and birth is not an exception. You will find that women in this country will give birth without drugs or even without going to a doctor unless there is a very serious emergency, but for the most part they are encouraged to give birth in their own homes without any medical assistance.

The Bicycle

You know that there are many countries in the world that have plenty of bicycles, but in the Netherlands there are actually more of them than there are people. This is such a normal thing for the Dutch because they love to ride their bikes for all kinds of activities and even to get to work. They are very traditional looking and you can rent one easily and some places will give them to you for free for the day. You might find this strange but it’s also a great way to be eco-friendly.

Remarkably Steep Stairs in Apartments

I know that some things can seem like nitpicking but this is definitely not the case. When I say that the stairs can be too steep I really mean it. Steep enough that each step doesn’t even allow for a full grow foot to be placed on them and this means you need to maneuver yourself in a kind of sideways motion in order to navigate this gauntlet the Dutch call a set of stairs. I promise that you will laugh and remember reading this when you actually see them.

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