Navigating the Airport

When it’s time to head to the airport for your long awaited vacation, there may be a number of emotions you are feeling. Nervous, excited, happy…the list could go on. For many people, navigating the airport can often be the source of stress. Take some advice on how to navigate the airport for your next trip.

Navigating the Airport

Be Prepared

To travel nowdays, you have to be prepared for many different situations. The biggest thing you’ll need to be prepared for is the security checkpoint. No liquids over three ounces are allowed through the security gates, so if you have any kind of liquid amount more than three ounces, make sure to get rid of it before you hit security. For those liquids that meet the guideline, have them out and ready to go through screening before you get to the security line.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

You’re going to want comfortable clothing for the flight, especially if you have a long flight, but you’ll also want to be comfortable as you go through the airport. Sometimes, you may have to walk a little ways to get to your gate. Slip on shoes that are easy to take on and off (especially for those security lines) are a great choice, as well as loose, non-form filling outfits.

Have ID Ready

You’ll be asked for the proper ID at a few checkpoints along the way. Keep your driver’s license or passport, as well as your boarding pass handy for a quick show when asked. Keep these items in the front pocket of your carry on bag or in your purse. You’ll want them close so you can easily access them.

Check Schedules Before You Go

You’ll also want to make sure your flight is scheduled to be on time before you leave home for the airport. Many airlines, including Delta flights, will post their arrival and departures times online so you can be prepared and know ahead of time if your flight is on time or not. You can also call the airline to confirm your flight information. You may also want to check in from home, if that option is available.

Know the airport and the rules you’ll need to follow before you leave home. Then, it’s time for a fabulous vacation!


  1. Brian LaPolla says

    I’ve been to Several airports around the world, and nothing is the worst when you have to navigate in a foreign country, with foreign languages, and everyone is yelling because you are too slow. I wish I had this article earlier!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Brian. And I know just what you mean. Except sometimes in the US, I wish I didn’t understand what some people were saying to me!

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