My Lake District Cottage Holiday

I was extremely doubtful when my partner first suggested we went for a holiday in the Lake District.  He’s gets annoyed if he’s stuck inside for too long and I prefer a hot beach and a cocktail to British drizzle.  I was even more alarmed when he said he wanted to rent a self-catered cottage rather than stay in a hotel — surely that would just be like being at home?

Lake District

Lake District, Courtesy of Wikipedia

Just like Home, but Better

I was expecting some bare, boring shell of a place — as bland as a hotel but with added creaks and draughts — but when we got there the cottage was lovely.  It was a beautiful and quaint barn conversion, tucked away in a gorgeous hillside.  Exploring inside, our cottage was utterly gorgeous.  Well-furnished, nicely decorated and so picturesque I felt like I was in a fairy tale.  It had none of the sterile emptiness I’d come to expect from accommodation on holidays.  To be honest, it felt like a home.

The whole cottage was just lovely.  The kitchen (which I’d been slightly worried about) was clean and fitted out well with an electric cooker and hob and a dishwasher.  The bed was king size, there was a bath and a shower, in the utility room was a washing machine and dryer…  I was right.  It was like being at home — just a lot prettier.  All the luxury I’m used to, but presented in a much more appealing way.

There’s Relaxing to do and Beauty to See

So I was impressed with my Lake District cottage, but I still had to be impressed with my Lake District holiday.  Although at first I missed relaxing on the lovely warm beach of my dreams, the Lake District surprised me.  After just two days in my cottage I was considering never leaving — I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed.

I would wake up to a gorgeous view of the countryside from my bedroom window.  The mornings were misty and tranquil, so we would breakfast in our pajamas before wrapping up warm and taking the dog for a walk.  Because our cottage was right in the middle of the countryside there were plenty of beautiful trails right on our doorstep.

There were more than enough things to see and activities for us to take part in if we wanted to, but we were actually just as happy exploring the place around us.  There were so many gorgeous pubs and restaurants were in walking distance of our cottage that we spent probably a few too many evenings sitting outside and watching the sunset before stumbling home to collapse into bed.

Saving up for a Rainy Day

Of course, this is Britain and there were a few rainy days where we couldn’t really go out or do anything.  One day we went to a nearby spa for a bit of a pamper day (so I still got the luxury I wanted from my beach holiday, he said) but to be honest, I was perfectly happy curling up in front of the fire with the TV, a good book and each other.  Ahem.

So… yes.  I am a convert.  So much so that we’re organizing with some friends to rent a larger cottage and go en masse next year.  Grey British drizzle isn’t so bad when you’ve got such a lovely place to snuggle up under the covers in.

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