Most Random Items Left in Hotels Rooms

We’ve all accidently left things in hotel rooms. A brush, shoes under the bed, sunglasses, a book, it’s human nature to forget things and leave them behind. Sometimes though, people leave strange, unusual and just plain weird things in their hotel rooms. Here are the top 5 most random things found in a hotel room.

Lots of artificial limbsArtificial Limbs – According to Travelodge hotel, more than 80 false limbs including hands and legs were left behind in just one year! And that is at just one hotel chain! If you account for the fact that there are more than 130 hotel chains in the U.S. alone, you could be looking at thousands of false appendages left behind each year!

Wok – In one random event a guest at the Lake Terrace Motel in Virginia, USA emptied their toilet bowl, filled it with charcoal and lit a fire. They then proceeded to cook using a wok which they left behind on the melted toilet seat. Despite the fact that it involved destruction of hotel property, this is one extremely bizarre case of leaving items in a hotel room.

Cardboard Cutout – Hotel staff once went to clean a room only to discover a life sized cardboard cutout of comedian Lenny Henry. Surprisingly, the cutout was never claimed by the guest.

Urn– On one occasion a guest left an urn with the ashes of her mother in law in a hotel. Whether she forgot or was just trying to ditch the woman once and for all, we will never know.  The woman did return for the urn at a later date.

Helicopter – Another incident saw a guest leave a 6 foot high model helicopter in their hotel room. Maybe they decided they just didn’t want it anymore…  Regardless, the sheer size of the helicopter made it difficult to get in or out of the hotel. Perhaps they constructed it during their stay and decided they couldn’t be bothered to leave with it.

Other unusual and random things found in hotel rooms include a glass eye, a corpse, a horse (how he got past the lobby we will never know), wedding and engagement rings, snakes (including one six foot boa constrictor), a leather whip, a rabbit, a fake skeleton, pet tarantulas and a gila monster named Humphrey.  Another thing frequently left in hotel rooms is car keys. One person took it a step further and left the keys to their brand new Porsche.

So, next time you go to leave your hotel room you might want to check your car keys, your artificial limb (if you have one) and of course, whatever pets you might have with you. If you forget, you might just end up on the list of most random things found in a hotel room.


Matthew has travelled to a number of countries across the world. He has just returned from Germany and thinks Berlin Hotels are some of the best run in Europe.


  1. Classic! Who manages to forget their artificial limb…?

    I heard a good life hack recently – apparently the most frequently left item is a cell phone charger and so if you’re ever in a city with a phone that’s run out of battery, you could try going to a hotel desk and saying you left your charger in the room…

  2. Forgetting artificial limbs? Now that is funny..i suspect they might have been carrying an extra limb for the journey..just like how a car has an extra wheel for the journey

  3. Masai – that’s funny. So if you’ve been walking and your legs get tired, you just put on new ones? 🙂

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