Most Cultural European Travel Destinations

What is it that you look for when booking a holiday to a European travel destination? Is it the quality of a particular region’s beaches, where you intend to relax beneath the blazing hot sunshine? Perhaps it is a resorts range of activities that captures your interest, or the level of adventure that it offers to you as an individual? Maybe it is all of these things, however, as you demand a full and diverse experience that represents genuine value for your hard earned money.

The Top Two Most Cultured European Travel Destinations

In fact, if you are like a growing number of world travellers, then you may well be enticed by resorts that boast the most cultural heritage and significance. If you are looking to visit Europe’s most cultured destinations, then you should consider the following:

European Travel Destinations - Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland 

In recent times, there has been a far greater appreciation of the cultural merit of Eastern European cities, as visitors have flocked from throughout the world to sample destinations such as Prague, Budapest and more recently Krakow. The Polish city, which was largely unheralded as a holiday resort until the turn of the century, is a haven of cultural gems and dramatically Gothic architecture.

There is also a clear influence from the Renaissance period present in the buildings of the mercurial Old Town, with towering church spires and village market squares standing as the remnants of previous generations. It is a city that has a genuinely tragic and historically poignant past, and yet has thrived to become an extremely popular and much sought after holiday destination.

European Travel Destinations - Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain

Any city situated along the beautiful Western Mediterranean coast is bound to be a popular holiday resort, and the Spanish portal resort of Valencia is no exception to this rule. Now one of the leading Spanish tourist destinations, Valencia is a tranquil and undeniably picturesque location, with a secret history that is narrated through a number of quaint museums and church buildings.

Also known as the city of flowers, it has developed a reputation for producing stunning floral and botanical gardens. This is a much a part of the cities tapestry as its unique collection of national artefact’s, and Valencia remains a city with a strong cultural presence. The driving force behind its growing influence as a popular tourist resort, the cities heritage is as strong as that of any other European location.

The Bottom Line

These two resorts stand out from a well populated and growing crowd, and remain two of the most culturally relevant cities in Europe. That said, there are a huge number of cities throughout Eastern and Western Europe with strong cultural ties, and it is crucial that you perform extensive research before you identify your European travel destination of choice.


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