Mobile Nation: America’s 4 Best Airports for Tech Travelers

Digital-savvy travelers are well aware of how fast technology moves. These patrons are benefiting first hand from many of the innovations that have been incorporated into airport environments across the globe. While airports worldwide are embracing the technological revolution, these four are widely considered the best for tech travelers.

1. Dallas – Fort Worth (DFW)

DFW Airport by Grant Wickes on Flickr

DFW has been treating travelers to a technologically enhanced experience for longer than most airports in the U.S., evidenced by the vast number of wired ethernet ports it still has installed at multiple gates across the facility. But this airport understands the importance of evolution and has proved it by implementing Wi-Fi support to cater to those who demand a more comfortable traveling experience. A great deal of DFW’s tech is powered by its partnership with Samsung, who is responsible for features such as travel lounges, charging stations, and the flat-screen TVs that can be found at each gate.

The tech-friendly environment inside DFW is not lost on expert spectators. In fact, PC World named it the top U.S. airport for tech travelers.

New York City (JFK)

Kennedy Airport by Doug Kerr on Flickr

Slowly but surely, JFK International is easing into th 21st century, and its airline partners are lending huge helping hands. Delta was instrumental in the addition of new work surfaces as well as the plethora of iPads that have been installed in restaurants for the convenience of people who want to use them to order food, check email or browse the web. Jet Blue has also made a significant technological contribution to JFK, boasting amenities that include multiple electrical outlets, self-service kiosks, restaurants, dozens of retail shops, and free Wi-Fi, it’s no wonder Jet Blue’s terminal 5 has become an award-winning terminal.

Atlanta International (ATL)

Atlanta Airport via Flickr by Bob B. Brown

As the largest airport in the U.S., giving Atlanta International a technological overhaul isn’t easy, but that hasn’t stopped the country’s southern aviation hub from trying. Dell, which has a major presence there, has helped the airport stay technologically relevant by installing multiple charging stations complete with conventional outlets and USB ports to accommodate today’s varied devices. Amenities such as computer workstations, internet access and meeting rooms of various sizes have made ATL a huge hit with the business community.

Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)

Detroit Airport via Flickr by JasonParis

Added to DTW in 2008, the North Terminal looks futuristic in comparison to its long-standing counterpart McNamara. The addition made Metro Detroit one of the most efficient, customer-friendly airports in North America and luckily for tech travelers, it keeps device connectivity in mind. Each North Terminal gate is stocked with multiple power outlets, including those operated by Southwest, who has outlets and USB ports in between nearly every chair. Both terminals provide internet access via Wi-Fi, allowing travelers to freely tap into the existing hotspot by adjusting their wireless settings.

The concept of an integrated traveling experience that fully accommodates the tech-conscious customer, their array of devices and individual needs is becoming a reality at more airports across the country. While some facilities are more advanced than others, it may only be a matter of time before all major airports are oozing in technological innovation.

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