Mini Guide to Berlin, Germany

In just the past 100 years, Berlin has already been through so many things that has greatly affected how it is today. Going around the country will treat your senses to a variety of museums, galleries, operas, and clubs. Read on and know the best places that you should see and do.

View from Panoramapunkt, Berlin, Germany

What to See

  • Pergamon Museum. This is a museum that provides the perfect mix of art and architecture inspired by Babylonian, Greek, Islamic, Middle Eastern, and Roman. Their highlight is the Pergamon Altar.
  • Panoramapunkt. This observation deck provides the best views of the city. See the three divisions of the Potsdamer Platz which were inspired by the skyscraper design of the Americans.
  • Jüdisches Museum. This is the best place to learn about the two centuries of Jewish history in the country; its notable figures, contributions, and even of the Holocaust.
  • Berlinagenten. It provides private and customized tours of private homes, bars, boutiques, and restaurants as well as of the country’s culinary scene.
  • Berlin Wall. This is the country’s best symbol of freedom from oppression. The East Side Gallery is its most preserved stretch and has been turned into a gallery in 1990.
Memorial Stone (segment of the wall) at Platz des 9. November 1989, former Bornholmer Strasse border crossing

Where to Dine

  • Anna Blume. With its art-nouveau interiors, the shop is very popular among its patrons because of its delectable servings of cakes and coffees. It also sells flowers from the adjacent shop.
  • Tartane. This is a contemporary gastro pub that also features tile mural from the former East German parliament. They serve beer and burgers.
  • Engelbecken. Situated near the lake, this restaurant serves German’s soul food using organic meat and other seasonal produce.
  • Spindler & Klatt. Once a Prussian bread factory, they now serve tasty fusion dishes while letting their customers lounge on a platform bed.
  • Facil. This avant-garde restaurant serves elegant dishes. Examples include saddle of poulting hare or alba truffles.
Tartane Restaurant, Photo by

Where to Sleep

  • Hotel Bogota. A host to glamorous photo shoots, this hotel has a vintage feel with its retro furnishings and staircase. They offer rooms of various sizes.
  • Propeller Island City Lodge. This is inspired by Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. It features 32 rooms of unique and surreal themes.
  • Arte Luise Kunsthotel. Deems itself as the “gallery with rooms”, where every room has been decorated by a different artist. It mostly received by royalties when booked.
  • Arcotel John F. This is homage to John F. Kennedy, as it features quirky details in its furniture. It also has lamps that were inspired from Jackie’s ball gowns.
  • Hotel de Rome. This was once a 19-th-century bank that was then transformed into a local hotel. It has a pool and spa area and suites with extravagant furnishings.

The peak months for visiting Berlin is during May and June as it is within these months that the Gay Pride and Culture Carnival Festival take place. September will also be a good time to visit the city as it is host to a number of jazz and art festivals while the month of December brings in Christmas markets.

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