Medical Tourism in Mexico

Mexico is considered an ideal vacation destination due to its salubrious climate and its geographical proximity to the US and Canada. But Mexico serves an additional purpose for those who choose to travel to it – it is a primary medical tourism destination in the world, with many of its hospitals specializing in cutting-edge medical practices.

Medical Tourism Mexico

Why Mexico for Medical Tourism?

In order to consider why Mexico is an ideal medical tourism destination, it is important to look at why people travel abroad for medical procedures in the first place. Some of these reasons that apply to Mexico as well include:

  • The significantly lower costs of many common medical procedures.
  • The availability of procedures that may not be offered in other countries.
  • Medical practices that meet North American standards. Hospitals in Mexico are clean and make use of top of the line technologies.
  • Highly trained doctors in Mexico. Physicians and surgeons in Mexico are known for their skills and many of them have prior experience of working in the US.  Bariatric and plastic surgeons in Mexico have carved a niche for themselves among the best in the world.

Another major benefit of traveling to Mexico for medical treatment relates to the travel involved. Patients from the US and Canada do not have to travel much to get medical treatments in Mexico.

It also gives those not pressed for time the opportunity to hit the tourist hot spots in Mexico. Mexico City is famous for the Pyramid of Moon and the Pyramid of Sun. Connoisseurs of ancient relics can explore the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. Those fond of sun and sand can laze around in the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Loreto, Tampico and Cancun. Spanish-speaking bibliophiles can explore the Guadalajara International Book Fair, a nine-day annual extravaganza, commencing on the last Saturday of November.

Finding the Right Doctor in Mexico

Patients who choose to travel to Mexico do need to do their bit of due diligence before arriving at a decision.  The malpractice laws in Mexico differ from those in other parts of North America – they don’t offer as much protection to a patient as they do in other North American countries, if something goes wrong. This means that they truly need to focus on finding a reputable doctor before having an extensive medical procedure conducted. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to Mexico for liposuction or for having a tooth pulled by a dentist; be thorough in your research.

Individuals looking for a Mexican doctor should do the following:

  • Look for independent reviews about the doctor or hospital. Referrals from friends and family members are always the most trustworthy but there are several online sources that can help establish a doctor’s reputation.
  • Ask about a doctor’s credentials and experience and don’t be afraid to verify what you are told by asking for documentation or doing independent research.
  • Talk to a medical tourism agency that specializes in Mexico as they have a reputation to recommend quality doctors.

Patients often associate low cost treatments with questionable practices. However, with its high quality of healthcare, along with low cost, as the major driver of medical tourism, Mexico is an exception to this platitude. All it needs is being a little circumspect while choosing a hospital or a surgeon in Mexico.

Dr. Deepika Garg
Editor – Publisher Mexico Health


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