Medical Tourism in Las Vegas

Medical tourism in Las Vegas has brought the US, infamous for exorbitantly priced healthcare and long waiting lists, on the world map of healthcare tourism and also helped it join the ranks of India and Thailand as a value-for-money medical destination. Many Americans are now opting to get procedures such as knee transplants, heart surgeries and gastric banding in Las Vegas as it allows them to enjoy a holiday in the famous resort city.

Medical Tourism Las Vegas

Though many people associate Las Vegas with partying and merrymaking, it is steadily inching towards becoming a key medical tourism destination in the US. As this “Sin City” focuses heavily on aesthetics, a number of state-of-the-art cosmetic and weight loss surgery clinics have mushroomed all over the city.

Medical Tourism in Las Vegas – a Snapshot

Medical value tourism in Las Vegas has been identified as a lucrative field by the US business and medical houses and is being tapped by them to give the not-so vibrant Las Vegas economy a new lease on life in the light of dismal US economy data.

Weight loss surgery is one of the main draws and many offshore as well as American patients are coming to Las Vegas for gastric sleeve, gastric banding and other weight loss surgeries.

The affordability of the procedures and the fact that one can undergo obesity surgery from highly experienced weight loss surgeons in Vegas have contributed to making this highly populous city in Nevada a sought-after bariatric destination.

Why Choose Vegas for Medical Treatment?

Though Las Vegas may be least known for medical services, yet many Americans and offshore patients are thronging it, since Vegas offers many inexpensive healthcare options.

Americans can further benefit by undergoing medical treatment in Vegas as they will not have to travel to another country and, in the process, save themselves from the documentation hassles. A number of employers in the US are encouraging domestic healthcare by giving financial incentives to their employees for undergoing treatments in the US.

Though most people associate “cheap” or “low cost” healthcare services with shoddy medical jobs, in Las Vegas it means getting high quality treatment at a fraction of what it would cost in other parts of the US. For this, one will have to be prudent enough to undergo treatment at internationally accredited medical facilities only.

There are quite a few Joint Commission accredited hospitals in Las Vegas. Also, one need not worry about the competency levels of the doctors, as they are all qualified US healthcare professionals (which may not be the case if traveling overseas). Of course, doing thorough research on the probity of doctors and hospitals will always save from falling into the trap of quacks and fraudsters.

A medical trip to Las Vegas can also be extended to vacationing, as the Entertainment Capital of the world is a partying hotspot and is home to some of the best clubs and resorts in the world. The carnival-like atmosphere of Vegas often has a salutary post-treatment effect, thereby speeding up recuperation.

Ravika Singh
Bariatric Surgery World


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