Mauritius Island – A Picture Postcard Destination!

Have you ever found yourself exclaiming, “It looks just like a postcard!” when you visit a beautiful place? If not, then you need to go to Mauritius. In Mauritius, white sands disappear into crystalline azure waters. Every color of the rainbow is represented in the flowers, palm trees, lagoons, and tropical fish. Take a photograph with a cocktail sitting in the background and you could sell your own postcards. Mauritius is one of those places you have to see to believe that it truly exists.

The Sand

Beach in Mauritius

The beaches in Mauritius range from secluded to buzzing, but they are all beautiful. Because this island is encircled by a reef, most of the beaches are kissed by peaceful waves. There are beaches with more rocking surf, however. The best surfing spots are on the south and southwest sides of Mauritius, and the best spots for sunning are, well, everywhere.

The Sea

Swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking are all popular activities on Mauritius. Paddle a kayak across the placid lagoon to a secret cove. Don a mask and some fins and float with the gentle current as you scope out the colorful sea life. After a few hours of relaxing on the beach, the clear water is inviting and rejuvenating.

The Land from Below

Short hikes can break up your trip and bring you to other areas of the island. Tamarin Falls are accessible by foot. You will hike under the trees and come out onto impressive volcanic rocks that jut out in unique formations. You can swim in the foam created by the falls or just sit on the banks and listen to the babble of the cascade.

The Colored Earth of Chamarel is worth a day trip. These rippling dunes of soil look like a multicolored blanket tossed onto the ground. Striking reds, golds, and greens appear iridescent under the sun’s light as a result of chemical changes that have occurred in the eroded volcanic rock over time. When the sun is out, the colorful effect is even stronger. This is a geological wonder that is not to be missed.

The Land from Above

Aerial view of Mauritius

If you’re not into hiking, take in the sights from above. Zipline tours over the Riviere des Galets allow you to float above a landscape that would otherwise be inaccessible. You’ll see some of the exotic wildlife and plants that inhabit the island. You’ll fly over a river, and then take a break to wade in the refreshing water.

Another attraction offers a treetop adventure for young and old. A botanical walk takes you over foot bridges that reach from tree to tree. You can choose the Adventure Track, which also involves nets, zipline, swings, and trapezes, or just stick to the Thousand Leaves Track, where all you have to do is walk. Whichever track you choose, you’ll get a glimpse of the rain forest, Piton Mountain, and the Black River Nature Preserve.

Seaplane tours can take tourists even higher than the treetops. For a unique experience and a chance to see Mauritius and all the islands that surround it, hop on a seaplane. You will take off from the water, fly above the boats, palm trees, and resorts that dot the island, then land in a peaceful lagoon.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable vacation, consider a stay in Mauritius. The unspoiled island is rich with natural wonders that will take your breath away. You’ll have time to relax and you’ll have time to be active, if that’s what you prefer. Whether you choose the adventurous route or the tranquil path, the postcards you send home to your loved ones may serve as a warning that you’re considering that living on an island wouldn’t be such a stretch of the imagination after all.

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    Do not forget the smaller islands near the coast! Ideal spots for a barbecue.

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    …and living in a picture postcard destination is an amazing experience!! 🙂

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