Maui – Ocean Dreams Come to Life


Image by pclarkson via Flickr

Currently my family is in Maui, Hawaii, where we have a time share and visit this gorgeous land once each year. If you are wondering why I’m not there, it’s because I decided to spend some time with my boyfriend in Las Vegas this year. It was difficult to say “no” to Maui this year, to say the least. My family usually finds out standing deals from Expedia coupons to travel to Maui so it’s hard to pass up such a beautiful location! Maui is one place that truly exceeds your expectations once you land on the island. Since I can’t be in Maui this year at least I can share with you a few memories I have of Maui and what you should explore yourself if you ever get the opportunity to visit Hawaii’s wondrous ocean land.

Last year in Maui I was able to enjoy the annual Maui Film Festival, which is held in Kahului and Wailea during June. This film festival has drawn national acclaim for its film premieres and screenings. It was delightful for me to sit down in the grass on a hill with my mom and aunt, while gazing at the gigantic out door screen. Later when the film began, gazing at the stars was breath taking. Since you are already at Wailea, before the film starts, make time to go shopping at the many shops they have available including Billabong, Honolua Surf Co., Gap Women, Roxy, and more. If you desire to save some money while shopping, there are many coupons available only, for example Gap coupons offer some great discounts.

You must do several things while in Maui, but the top of your list must include a stroll along the seaside streets of Lahaina, walking along the beach in Kaanapali, and experiencing the winding roads on the Road to Hana. All three locations are my personal favorite. In Haleakala National Park, near Hana, you can experience hiking, getting up early to watch the sun rise, going horse back riding, or simply gazing at the tropical sites of waterfalls and streams. Turtle Town is also a snorkeling adventure you can’t pass up. I could go on and on in regards to sites you must visit while in Maui, but the biggest tip I can suggest is to head out to this gorgeous island yourself – you’ll fall in love with the oceans and land the minute you set foot out doors. My ocean dreams came true and I only wish the same for you.


  1. Thank you so much for the guest post – I hope some ocean dreamers are able to visit Maui in the near future! 🙂

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