Look Out, Las Vegas is Gearing up For a Comeback

Just when you think that Las Vegas is down and out, it gets back up stronger than ever before. Yet again, people said that the city was dying and that it would be dead within a matter of years, only to find that the city has had yet another resurgence. For example, a few years ago a number of these casinos changed the entire way that they did business and headed towards a themed atmosphere, making the hotels more family friendly. Now, it’s aiming for the full package, and is looking for yet another comeback in the near future.

City Center Casino

The city center casino is helping to bring a number of improvements to the Vegas area. There are a number of restaurants that allow the visitor a chance to explore the world’s flavors. Beyond exotic foods, there is also a show that pays tribute to the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis. After enjoying the food and show, it will be time to head to your room and relax in the state of the art surroundings that have all the amenities of a luxury hotel. This is what makes City Center more of an experience than “a place to stay” when in Las Vegas.

The Sahara

Renovations at the Sahara have been going along nicely and have helped to feed the resurgence that the area is experiencing. These renovations have been undertaken in an attempt to make the resort a lot more enjoyable and desirable to guests that are looking at staying in Vegas. While there is still a good amount of work to be done, it is possible that this will lead, when they are done, to the Sahara seeing the biggest increase in the number of guest that they have had in a long time. The idea is, again, to give a new image to the area and allow guest to feel more like they are at home than at a resort. If guest are more relaxed, then they will be a lot more inclined to spend money and this will in turn lead to more money in the area.

Road Construction

When asked, one of the biggest complainants that visitors had was the flow of traffic. Long commute times coupled with bottleneck roads made traveling in and out a hassle. The city listened and has since undertaken a large number of projects to help and make the flow of traffic a lot more natural during large events or high tourism times. This may seem like a massive headache now, but in the near future, the flow of traffic will be better than it ever has been.

These are a few of the many ways that the Sin City has undergone a massive face lift. The casinos change and evolve with time, surprising you at every turn. Las Vegas has decided to start a new era, and if you need proof of the improvements, then head to the city and see for yourself what Las Vegas is made of.


Jeffrey Marshall is a writer working toward obtaining his online masters of gis degree to help with city planning.

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