Learn to Mambo on a Caribbean Salsa Cruise


On-board Salsa Lessons

Caribbean salsa cruises are not just for salsa experts!  Pretty much every salsa cruise is available to everyone know matter whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced dancer.  Salsa lessons are offered on-board the cruises by trained dance instructors and with many “salsa celebrities” also frequenting these cruises, you have a chance to brush shoulders with some truly great dancers.  Some cruises also offer passengers the chance to perform their skills in front of their fellow cruisers so don’t forget to pack a performance outfit!

Socialise with Salsa Enthusiasts

When you set sail on your Caribbean salsa cruise you will have the opportunity to socialise with hundreds of salsa enthusiasts – maybe even with some of the salsa celebrities we mentioned above.  It goes without saying that there will be a large number of salsa aficionados on board, so what better place to meet people who have the same interests as you?  I spoke to a friend who recently went on a Caribbean salsa cruise six months ago and she is still in touch with many of the people she met on-board – who knows… maybe you could also develop a lifelong friendship with a fellow cruiser.

An Increased Passion for All Things Salsa

With so many salsa dancers surrounding you, don’t be surprised if you leave the cruise with an increased passion for salsa dancing.  After all, what better way to develop a love for dancing than on a cruise sailing around the beautiful Caribbean islands?  Find a partner and dance under the stars as you kindle that passion even further.

Diverse Caribbean Excursions

No cruise would be complete without shore stops and a Caribbean salsa cruise is no different.  The Caribbean is an absolutely stunning archipelago of islands and passengers on-board a Caribbean cruise will have literally hundreds of excursions to choose from.  Take a few hours away from the dancing and visit some ancient sites, swim with dolphins or relax on one of the white sand beaches – no matter what your interests are, there is sure to be an excursion for you to enjoy.

All the Luxuries of a Normal Cruise

If your feet hurt from all the dance practicing you’ve been doing, don’t worry as there are plenty of other things for you to do on-board.  Caribbean salsa cruises aren’t purely about dancing; in fact passengers can experience all of the luxuries of a normal Caribbean cruise too.  Exquisite cabins, a variety of restaurants and loungers, and oodles of entertainment and recreational facilities are waiting to be enjoyed on-board.

Salsa cruises are becoming increasingly popular, and after learning more about them it is not hard to see why!  So book some time off work and learn to Mambo on a Caribbean salsa cruise – I’m sure you’ll love every moment!

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