Keep Your Cool: 6 Tips for Long-term Travel with Kids

Long trips with children can be a nightmare, no matter how lovely your destination may be. This is even more true if you are planning to stay at your destination for more than a couple of days. Prepare for the trip with these six tips to ensure you and your kids enjoy the vacation.

Travel with Kids

Bring Car-Friendly Games and Activities

First, make sure the kids have plenty to do on the trip. Pack markers, crayons and coloring books, as well as blank notebooks for drawing or writing. Let older kids and teens take hand-held video games and buy each a disposable or cheap digital camera that they can use to document their own take on the family’s journey.

Break Up the Long Drive

Another tip is to break the long drive into sections, with plenty of stops along the way. Plot a course with interesting destinations where everyone will see something interesting. Stay the night once or twice in hotels rather than pushing through on a long, boring haul. This makes the entire trip more bearable, and the kids might learn something along the way.

Create a Kid-Friendly Atmosphere

A third travel tip is to make sure the car— and your planned stops— are kid friendly. Consider storing items that may take up too much room in a storage unit, like Houston TX storage units. Make sure there is room for the kids to relax in the car. Play music they will enjoy at least part of the time, and plan some games they will find entertaining. When you stop, dine at fast, entertaining places to make it more fun for the younger travelers.

Pick a Fun Destination

When it comes to the trip, be sure to book your hotel in a child-friendly area. A hotel with a play area is ideal; however, if this is not possible, be sure to plan plenty of activities the kids will like. Go miniature golfing, bowling or visit a sporting event if you can.

Plan the Trip with the Kids

Whenever possible, let your children be a part of planning the trip. Help them look online if they’re younger, or turn your teen loose on Google and see what types of activities he or she will enjoy. Make this trip about everyone, and it’s likely everyone will be entertained.

Be Spontaneous

Finally, try not to make the trip too regimented. Leave some room for spontaneity. A military-style agenda is not conducive for a fun experience. Surprise the kids on an afternoon where you will have some down time with a movie, a nature walk or a trip to an amusement park. Just keep it all fun and interesting, and you will all be sure to have the time of your lives.


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