Johannesburg – A Ravishing Tourist Destination

There are several tourist destinations in Johannesburg which can be of real interest to tourists. Not many African tourist destinations offer the variety of places like Johannesburg. The city is full of contemporary fun places to visit along with a lot of history to look at. A key characteristic of the city is that you can find all kinds of expensive and budget accommodations in Johannesburg. Similarly, Reliance Travels and several other travelling agencies offer cheap flights to Johannesburg which can save you a lot of money. Let us look at some of the most stupefying places in Johannesburg to visit.

The Nelson Mandela Museum

The Nelson Mandela National Museum

The famous Nelson Mandela National Museum is actually the home of Nelson Mandela who lived there before being imprisoned. Long time inhabitants of the town help tourist guide around the different parts of the home. Tourists can visit and see all the different things that were once owned by Nelson Mandela. The building is located in Soweto and one of the great places to visit in Johannesburg.

Apartheid Museum

Apartheid Museum

Apartheid Museum is one of the other great attractions for tourists visiting Johannesburg. This museum is mainly dedicated to the history of the South African establishment. The South African Government started an initiative in 1995 to attract tourists through casinos. The original plan was to attach Apartheid Museum with Gold Reef City Casino as Freedom Park. There were some controversies attached to this name but the museum was finally opened for public in 2001.

Museum Africa

This museum is dedicated to exhibiting history of the African continent. The museum was established back in 1933. It had been erected on the site where there existed old fruit and vegetable market in Newtown. There is a large amount of African books and materials displayed in the Museum Africa. The books were donated to the Museum by Johannesburg Library. The books in the library cover all aspects of different African cultures.

Industry In Motion by Glen Josselsohn, Johannesburg Art Gallery

Johannesburg Art Gallery

There are many tourists who have peculiar interest in the objects of art. There is an art gallery in the city as well known as Johannesburg Art Gallery. The Johannesburg Art Gallery is situated in Joubert Park. The gallery is very spacious with 15 halls for exhibition. There is a garden attached to the gallery, dedicated to sculptures. The international art displayed in the gallery spans to five centuries. The art gallery was first opened for public back in 1980s. There were several extensions added to it later including North Fa├žade and other galleries.

Johannesburg is a one stop destination for tourists with varying tastes. Tourists with interests in wildlife, Nelson Mandela, African Culture, and African history will find this place full of pleasant surprises.

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