Inexpensive Travel Destinations for the Whole Family

Family TravelPlanning a family trip these days can come with a massive price tag for travel, lodgings, food, and entertainment.  And with the economy lingering in recession and many families tightening the belt, you simply might not have the budget for you annual trip to the Hawaiian Islands.  But you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have an enjoyable family vacation.  If you’re looking for travel destinations that are a little more budget-friendly, here are just a few locales you may want to consider this summer (or once the peak travel season has ended and airline prices come down).

  1. Nicaragua.  It was only a couple of decades ago that this small, Central American country was considered completely unsuitable for tourists (due to the political situation).  These day, the nation is catering to international tourists on the lookout for island-style beaches, natural wonders (volcanoes, for one), and entertainment galore (local food, live music, etc.).  In fact, a family that wants to vacation modestly can get by on about $60 per day (for a family of four).  That’s pretty amazing no matter where you’re from.
  2. The Philippines.  With over 7,000 islands to tour you shouldn’t have a single day of boredom on this vacation.  And there is plenty in the way of cheap amusements to ensure that you have a truly spectacular trip on a budget.  You can visit volcanoes, beaches, and tropical forest all in the same day.  And cities that sport modern architecture alongside ancient temples are a dime a dozen.  But what you’ll really love is the island living, which boasts not only tropical weather, white-sand beaches, and water sports, but also a rich culture that comes complete with exotic cuisine and entertainment.  The average person can dine for $10-20 per day and entertainments like boating and horseback riding will cost about $5 per hour.  Not too shabby.
  3. The Grand Canyon.  This trip is eminently affordable for the family that’s willing to give up on a few extras (like airline tickets and lodgings).  Drive out for a few days of camping around the canyon and you’ll find that you’re only expenses are gas and food.  That’s pretty cheap for getting to see one of the natural wonders of the world.
  4. Argentina.  This South American country may be a little dangerous for travelers venturing into outlying areas, but if you stick to the major tourist destinations you should have no problems.  Although you’ll spend twice as much on your stay in cities like Buenos Aires or Patagonia, you’ll still only be out about $100 a night for lodgings and about $120 a day for food (total for a family of four), as long as you’re conservative.  Take in a soccer match, hit the beaches, and hear amazing music all night long on your trip down south.
  5. Your own backyard.  Okay, this is not to say that you should literally pitch a tent in your backyard and call it a vacation.  The idea here is to find travel destinations within your surrounding area.  You likely live near a large city that boasts plenty of free (or inexpensive) attractions (national monuments, museums, wildlife parks, etc.).  And every state has gorgeous options for families looking to camp (nearby lakes or rivers, for example).  So check out your own area for options that are bound to be less expensive than booking airline tickets and lodgings at a remote destination.

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