Rest and Relaxation in Marbella, Spain

When considering a holiday in Spain to get some well needed rest and relaxation, the Costa de Sol is the top location. From the long stretch of beaches and small towns, one name is more prominent than any of the others, Marbella. Marbella offers the whole package to visitors and this is why it’s been a top destination since the 1950s. Here are five things to do in Marbella.

Marbella, Spain

The Old Town

Marbella Old Town is an attractive labyrinth of narrow streets, colorful squares and picturesque corners. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars which fill the bottom of a lot of the large old houses which were once owned by noblemen.

The Beach

The epitome of rest and relaxation is to lay on the beach soak up the sun. Whether the idea of a beach club with lounger service, swimming pools, live music and sofa-like sunbeds is the ideal seaside idle or a the cheaper option of renting a lounger on the beach and using the water-sports facilities dotted along the coast. The most famous beach clubs are Nikki Beach and Sala Beach where loungers, drinks and food come at a premium.

The Surrounding Area

From the coast the mountains raise dramatically this shelter the beaches on the Costa del Sol which helps with the famously mild microclimate of Malaga province. These mountains behind Marbella are called the Sierra de las Nieves. These mountains are a mixture of cork, fur and eucalyptus trees and are well worth a visit for nature lovers and the inquisitive at heart. The views are spectacular as the roads wind around this mountain range and there are plenty of look out points and barbecue areas to enjoy.


Within Marbella old town there are a mixture of independent and chain shops, whether treating yourself or buying gifts to take back home there is plenty of choice. Alternatively, if the heat has gotten too much there is a large indoor shopping center called La Canada, this can be a welcome rest-bite from sunbathing if needed. Within this shopping center there are famous names like Zara, H&M and Mango.


Spain is famed for its food and Marbella is no exception. Fresh produce creatively presented is what the most expensive restaurants offer, however there are honest, typical dishes served in a lot of mid-range restaurants. Try bacalao con tomate, cod with a tomato sauce or catch of the day which is fresh whole fish cooked on a barbecue  In Spain when eating out don’t be afraid to order dishes especially starters to share among you, it’s often a much cheaper way to eat out but also it’s how the Spanish eat. Look out for raciones, these are plates of food ideal for sharing.


Ivy Mennell is British but has lived in Spain for many years and works for Hotel Lima Marbella a small budget hotel in the center of Marbella.


  1. I love being in Spain its a really quite and safe place to enjoy your vacations at. One should always try and visit Spain once in his lifetime.

  2. The Senator Marbella SPA Hotel is situated in the centre of Marbella, next to the exhibition centre, Palacio de Congresos, and only about 300 m from the beach.

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