How to Travel Cheaply to the UK and Europe

Traveling remains to be a cherished dream etched in hearts of people all around. Even falling currencies and the current economic slowdown do not deter people from visiting the UK and Europe. These two places rule the roost when it comes to choosing the best travel destinations in the world.

A Cliff in Normandy

These places are not only the best travel destinations for any kind of travel, but also the most expensive. If you are not careful with your expenses, you can burn a huge hole in your pocket. Some ways of saving money while traveling to UK or Europe are:

Budget Airlines

It is best to travel during off-peak times when demand is lower. The weather conditions in these places seldom change and there is little differences in the weather in May and September. The prices however, can differ considerably. You can also look out for amazingly cheap flights throughout Europe. You can scoop up some of the best deals if you book them at least a month in advance. This is because of the intense competition that helps in keeping some of the fares limited to just the taxes.

Save on Transportation

Most of the times, travelers end up spending huge amounts of money on transportation. It is quite common to see travelers lamenting about huge amounts spent in regular, day to day travel. If you wish to evade these travel expenses, consider the following travel ideas:

1. Hitch-hiking

This is mainly common in Europe, where you can catch a ride so long as you pitch in for gas. Though not necessarily safe always, you can always google down for some car-sharing websites that help you save money and remain safe. Avoid hitch-hiking when you are traveling with your family. It is mainly suited for adventure-seekers who are mostly traveling alone or in friendly groups.

2. Walking

The best way to travel cheap is to not pay for it. If you’re looking to visit UK or Europe, consider walking. This will not only save you money, but also save your time. Most landmarks are in close proximity with each other, especially if you are visiting London. Carry a map with you to make touring these places even simpler.

3. Public Transport

You have efficient and convenient bus and rail services. These are reliable modes of transport and you can easily utilize their services to the fullest. Make sure you understand the public transport system of these places and consult the travel maps carefully.


It can be quite expensive to stay in city center hotels. If you’re traveling with your family to Scotland, consider staying in luxury cottages Scotland. These cottages are not only comfortable, but also quite affordable. You can also enjoy relaxing in these holiday cottages, especially with a large group of family or friends.

Cafe in Scotland

Eating Out

Major portions of your travel expenses are often spent on eating out. The best ways to save money while eating out are:

1. Go for lunch specials- Most restaurants offer huge discounts on certain dinner items during your lunch time. This is mainly because these food joints remain crowded during dinner time. You can hence gorge on certain special food items during your lunch time.

2. Refill Water bottles- Buying bottles all day long can be quiet expensive when you’re touring UK or Europe. It is better to carry a refillable water-bottle.

3. Avoid Snacking- It is recommended to avoid snacking, as most travelers end up spending extra on snacks. Avoid snacking and stick to bigger, filling meals.

4. Cook your food- If you’re couch-surfing or organizing a picnic, you can easily save a lotof money and add more fun to your travel trip. Cooking is a good way to keep a check on your travel expenses.

You can also look out for some tourism cards that offer food coupons or travel cards at incredibly low prices. The Internet is usually brimming with such offers during off-peak times. It is best to make maximum use of such offers and curtail your expenses even further.

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