How to See the World in Less than a Year


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I once took a year off work and bought a round the world plane ticket, waterproof trousers and a large rucksack. As it turned I didn’t even make it across the Equator. It seems that living out of a bag and riding on 20 hour bus journeys over dirt roads isn’t really my sort of thing after all.

The rucksack is now gathering dust in my spare room although the waterproof trousers come in handy for playing golf now and then. However, I still have a thirst for seeing new and exciting places and have been investigating ways to do this which don’t involve wearing the same socks for 3 weeks in a row. The following are the results of my research.

Take a Cruise

This is definitely the most comfortable way to see the world in a short period of time. For example, with a Med cruise you could stop in at places in Spain, France, Italy and Cyprus all in the space of a week or two. The factor which probably puts most people off this idea is the cost. When I looked into it I discovered that modern cruises are not actually that expensive. I came across some last minute Caribbean cruises which would let me see a load of different islands and didn’t cost much more than a good quality holiday in a Caribbean resort. The fact that there is a lot of entertainment on board isn’t really too important to me, as I would probably pass a lot of time just reading a book and watching the stars and waves. I do like the idea of the quality of food on offer though. If I am being honest the quantity of food also appeals to me, as travelling gives me a raging appetite.

Buy a Boat

Here we have the same sort of idea as the first one but one in which you take control. This is definitely a more adventurous approach but would be pretty costly. I am not suggesting that you buy Roman Abramovich’s yacht, but even more modest vessels have pretty big price tags and running costs. Of course, if you are a free spirit then this is the perfect way to get around without any restrictions or timetables. It’s not for me but I can understand that other people could love it.

Use a Caravan

Could you use a caravan to explore the world? I guessed you could and when I looked into it I found that it is something that some people do. It has a certain hippy tinge to it, but if you got a decent vehicle with all mod cons then it wouldn’t have to be too radical. The best bit would be snapping your fingers and singing “Every woman every man, join the caravan of love” for hours on end, while the worst bit would be these long empty roads where the road stretches into the horizon. I definitely like the idea and if you could guarantee me no mechanical problems I would go for it, but on balance the cruise idea wins it for me.

See more of the world with last minute Caribbean cruises which keep you well fed, entertained and happy to be on board. Don’t miss out on a potential life changing experience like this if you want to make more of life.

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