How to Plan the Perfect Romantic Vacation

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Blame it on the overload of “chick flicks,” romance novels or stories in our Glamour magazines, but romantic vacations seem to be one of the most exciting excursions to make with a new love. Of course, this is not the say that men don’t also fantasize about taking a romantic vacation, but for some reason, we as women seem to be the most excited about taking this “next step.”

So with all the planning, anticipating and expectations that swarm around this vacation, how can we make sure we aren’t disappointed? Well (aside from bringing the right person), it’s important to plan ahead so that you and your partner can get the very most from this relaxing break from the average hustle and bustle of daily life.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Make sure it’s a place you both will enjoy
If is the vacation of YOUR dreams but not your partner’s well than it’s not going to be the most romantic trip no matter what. If you like the snow and your significant other likes the beach, you should come up with a compromise so that you will both be relaxed and comfortable in your surroundings.

Be sure you can afford it
One of the main reasons couples fight is over money (or lack of it). If you are planning a vacation, make sure it’s something you can afford. Of course this sounds like common sense, but sometimes when caught up in the moment (especially when we are removed from our everyday surroundings) many of us think “It’s more important to have fun, we’ll figure out how to pay off the credit card debt later.” One way to avoid spending beyond your means is to book a pre-paid vacation, where the hotel, entertainment, drinks and food are all included so that everything is paid for ahead of time.

Plan far in advance to get the best rates
Spur of the moment vacations can be very romantic, but again if you are concerned about finances, try and book your vacation at least 5 months in advance to get the best rates on flights. Of course if you are planning on traveling around a holiday or spring break (popular travel times) you should book your flight even further in advance than that. Also, make sure you shop around and compare prices online before you make that final purchase. Ticket prices can change from day to day and even hour to hour!

Have an idea of what you would like to do when you get there
There is nothing worse than getting to your vacation destination and realizing you know nothing about the area. While over-planning your trip can be nearly as bad as not planning at all, it’s a smart idea to have a general game plan. Make sure you choose activities you both like and check out some of the romantic dining available in the included package (if you go that route).

Hope for great weather, but be prepared in case that doesn’t happen
We all expect a beach vacation to be gorgeous and sunny, or a ski trip to have great powder and not ice but of course the best laid plans don’t always go as expected. Just remember to go with the flow. If you are forced to stay inside your hotel room all day, that can be pretty romantic too!

Emily Murray is a health, fitness and relationship blogger. She is also a contributing writer for KwikMed, the company appointed by Watson Pharmaceuticals as the exclusive online distributor of ella, the newest morning after pill.

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