How To Make A Long Trip Shorter For Your Toddler

Travel with KidsWith summer quickly approaching, many people are beginning to plan family vacations and road trips. Parents of toddlers, however, must make some adjustments to their travel plans if they wish everyone to remain happy during a long road trip.

Most little ones are brimming with energy, vitality, and curiosity. Long trips strapped into a child seat can be almost unbearable. Fortunately if you plan ahead, you can keep them occupied and satisfied, making the journey a happy one for everybody.

Tips on Keeping Kiddies Content

1. MP3 Player. Before hitting the road, download several children’s stories onto an MP3 player that they can listen to during the drive. If you cannot find their favorite stories already recorded, try recording them yourself. What a treat for your little one to hear you telling a much beloved story.

2. Bubbles. This simple toddler toy can come in handy during a long road trip. Every time you stop at a rest area, take your child to a safe place and let them run around and play with the bubbles. They will burn off energy, stretch their legs, and get some fresh air.

3. Healthy Snacks. To help eat away the time, treat your toddler’s tummy to some healthy snacks. Limit your selection to items that are easy to pack, easy to consume, and that are not too sugary.

4. Picture Books. Take picture books with images you may see along the way; and help your child spot a cow, a river, or a house while you are riding. If you can find a book about your destination, have them look at it during the journey so they can relate to the area when you arrive. As an additional bonus, reviewing the book on the way home may make your vacation even more memorable.

5. Extra Clothes. Accidents do and will happen. Rest areas may not come quickly enough; juice boxes may spill; kids may experience car sickness. Always make sure that you have enough spare clothes for a quick change.

6. Crayons. A creative child can mean a contented child. Providing a coloring book or a drawing pad, along with a few crayons can keep them entertained for hours on end.

Are We There Yet?

One final suggestion for every parent traveling with children: encourage them to stay awake during the day. Many parents think that the cure for boredom is a daytime nap. However, this usually backfires.

Upon arrival your little one may be raring to go. You, however, will probably need a nap yourself. Sticking to their daytime schedule is important during family vacations, especially on long road trips.

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