How to Make a Claim on your Travel Insurance

There is always the risk of suffering injury or loss of belongings when travelling. Thus, it is advisable to obtain a travel insurance policy to guard against such potential mishaps in the course of what might be the trip of a lifetime.

There are many cheap travel insurance policies available; some are only available online. Most of the time, information regarding rates and areas covered is readily available when you sign up. Conversely, the process of making a claim from your travel insurance provider tends to be more opaque, but is possible.

Generally, there are 2 reasons people make a travel insurance claim. The first is being hospitalised or requiring some other form of medical treatment while abroad. Most travel insurance policies provide cover for medical expenses.

The second is if your belongings are stolen or lost. Aside from making a police report, you have to report the loss to the insurance provider as soon as possible in order to be able to make a claim. This means that you must take note of your travel insurance provider’s phone number, as well as that of their emergency assistance contacts in the region in which you are travelling.

To make a claim, whether from a cheap travel insurance policy or one that is comprehensive, you will need a claim form. Depending on your insurance provider, this might be available online and you only need to provide your surname, date of birth, and policy number, or you might have to request a form from their local assistance provider.

You would need to provide supporting documents for a claim to be successful. Thus, if you were hospitalised, you would need to submit the medical report and original receipts for payment made. If the country to which you travelled is a non-native English speaking country, then the documents should be translated into English before submission.

If you are making a claim for lost or stolen belongings, you submit the police report, and proof of ownership of the lost belongings. This should include photographic evidence, or warranty cards, receipts, or manuals. While distress from the injury or loss may hamper your ability to operate normally, try to submit these documents in less than 60 days. All supporting documents submitted must be original, so make sure you have copies for your own records.

Once you have made the claim and submitted the information needed, you will need to wait out the processing period, which can differ between insurance providers and situations. If everything is in order, then you can look forward to being reimbursed for your claim in a relatively short time.


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