How to Have a Safe and Fun Road Trip to Charleston, S.C.

Charleston, South Carolina has a number of attractions that can make a road trip a fun experience. The Charleston Museum, Charleston Aquarium, the Battery & White Point Gardens and Drayton Hall are just a few of the attractions that are popular with both tourists and locals. Whether you travel with a car full of small children or just a group of friends, you want to keep everyone safe.

Road Trip

Stop at Truck Stops

When driving through South Carolina, you might feel tempted to stop at rest stops along the highway. The local Charleston personal injury lawyer wants you to choose a safer option. Choose a truck stop, like the Food Mart on Savannah Highway, which caters to those traveling from Savannah to Charleston. Most have restaurants, fueling stations, cold drinks, restrooms and even showers on-site. Truck stops are brightly lit and safer than rest stops.

Take Frequent Breaks

The longer that you spend behind the wheel of your car; the less you pay attention to your surroundings. You might find yourself drifting into another lane, falling asleep at the wheel or missing an important exit on the highway. Do not push yourself to keep driving if you feel tired. Stopping at State Hwy 165 and Savannah Highway in Ravenel is a great idea. Even if you drive during the day, you should stop every few hours. Be sure to stretch your legs at the Ravenel Caw Caw Interpretive Center and get a fresh drink.

Bring Contact Information

Before you get into your car, make sure that you have copies of your insurance card and proof of your identity. You should also carry proof of identity for everyone in the car. The last thing you want to do is to get pulled over by the police in South Carolina without your license and insurance. Experts recommend that you carry a copy of your insurance card in your wallet and a second copy in your glove box. If you lose one of the cards, you still have a backup.

Plan Your Trip

While jumping in the car and heading to Charleston might sound like fun, you need to make some preliminary plans first. Make sure that you tell others about your trip, including any stops you want to make along the way. You can also give a loved one a copy of your itinerary, which shows your hotel and its phone number. Your loved one can ensure that you make it there and get help if you do not.

Don’t Look Like a Tourist

When you reach Charleston and start driving around, take a few minutes to make yourself look like a local. Keep any maps or guidebooks tucked away, and you should avoid showing any large bills in your wallet. Tourists become easy prey for those with nefarious thoughts. You can keep yourself and anyone you travel with safe by blending in with the locals.

While on your road trip to Charleston, you may happen to get into a car accident; you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. A Charleston car accident lawyer can help you get compensation for any damages or injuries caused by the accident. An attorney can also protect the rights of you and your family from an insurance company.

In closing, a road trip to Charleston can be fun and safety precautions can be made. Stop at truck stops, take frequent breaks, bring contact information, plan your trip, and don’t look like a tourist. These are a few ways you can make your road trip safe and fun until you reach your final destination.


Krista Langford is a contributing writer for the attorneys of Howell and Christmas. They specialize in car accidents, DUI accidents, and wrongful death suits. This law firm can be contacted for assistance with compensation for your pain and suffering.

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