How to Enjoy the Perfect Fall Drive

Fall Drive, Flickr photo by visualthinker

When the leaves start to make their subtle turn from the greens of summer to the golds and russet tones of fall, the outdoor enthusiast knows that it is a great time to hop into a car and make a long pleasant fall drive to enjoy the sights. There is not too much planning needed to make this kind of weekend excursion a pleasurable one, but people who live in Vermont and Connecticut know that the time to enjoy these sights is a short one. Therefore, a little planning can make the adventure with the family a memorable experience.

Tips for Planning the Perfect Fall Drive

It goes without saying that one should make sure that the family car is running and in good shape. A quick inspection of the tires to make sure they are properly inflated and a quick inspection under the hood to make sure that the engine has the proper oil and fluid levels can make all the difference between a pleasant drive with the family and sleeping on the couch because someone forgot to check the spare tire. It can also be a good idea to make sure that insurance and paperwork for the vehicle is in order. Although insurance rates for people living Vermont and Connecticut are comparable, the penalties for not having the required insurance when stopped by an authority are also comparable.

For a fall drive it is good to know where one wants to travel rather than driving at random and hoping for a good show. National parks are designated wilderness preserves for a reason, and they offer fantastic extended drives of uninterrupted wilderness and natural beauty. Billboards and excess signage are also not allowed in national parks, so there is no chance of a burger joint advertisement showing up in that perfect photo of red maples. A driver needs to determine if the park they wish to visit has any fees for which they need to plan. These can be in the form of entrance fees, parking fees, and camping fees. National parks often have designated scenic viewing points along the road, but there are also more opportunities for spectacular photographs.

The time that one chooses to take a fall drive is essential for great viewing. Autumn foliage has a peak time that is fairly short in length. Leaves usually start their transformation in October, and in late October the outdoor enthusiast will find there is still much green on the trees. Waiting until late November the family will find that there is a lot more brown in the foliage. Thus, early November is usually the best time to plan a fall drive. The weather is usually brisk but tolerable, and the colors really peak at this time. Since color is the element on view, the driver should plan the time of their drive very carefully. Sunny midday drives offer the best light and viewing opportunities of fall foliage.

Depending on the family, they may decide to embark on a picnic or dine at a restaurant, but at this point it really depends on their preferences. Fall is a wonderful time, and our roads provide a great platform on which to see the show with a nice fall drive.


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