How to Enjoy the Beauty of Barcelona on a Budget

Taking in the sights and beauty of Barcelona does not have to break your vacation budget. This city offers tourists many low-cost sightseeing opportunities, as well as a host of free attractions. Getting around the capital of Catalonia can be simple and easy on the wallet when you research and know how to take advantage of affordable options. Knowing how to save money and utilize inexpensive tourist locations throughout the city can help you make a memorable Barcelona vacation.

Barcelona skyline

Getting into Barcelona

Your first concern once you land at the Barcelona airport would be to find a way to your hotel or place of lodging. Fortunately for tourists like you, Barcelona airport transportation to hotels—such as taxis and shuttles—are readily available around-the-clock. If you prefer to avoid public transportation, you can hire a private car for your transportation needs. Barcelona makes plenty of shuttle options available to those who travel to the area.

Saving Money with Free Museum Visits

MNAC Musuem

Several free museums call this culture-rich city their home. The CosmoCaixa, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC), and the Picasso Museum are all free to the public on the first Sunday every month. Within these museums, tourists can take in breathtaking works of art by Picasso and other Spanish artists. The museums are open all year and welcome tourists who may not have a lot of money to spend on their vacation enjoyment.

Enjoying Outdoor Concerts

Barcelonians love music, and this city routinely hosts free outdoor concerts for citizens and visitors alike. If you are visiting during the spring and summer season, you may be fortunate enough to take in one of these concerts, which routinely feature local musicians, as well as international singers and performers. The city hosts a week-long free outdoor music festival every year in September, in fact.

Sporting Events

Football in Barcelona

Barcelonians take special delight in their city’s low-cost sporting events. Fans of ping pong, boules, and sometimes even bullfighting can typically find a low-cost or free event to enjoy while they are in Barcelona. People in this capital city are passionate about their favorite teams and players. You can experience world-class competitions and save money when you take advantage of the sporting events in this city.

Low-Cost Meals and Culinary Experiences

Barcelona is famous for its cuisine. You might believe that you cannot afford to eat well in a city with a reputation for its culinary fare. However, you may be surprised to learn that you can eat well despite a tight budget by favoring any of the city’s smaller cafes and street vendors. A small plate of rice and meat, for example, only costs a small amount and will fill you up for several hours. You do not need to break your budget with each meal. You can eat well, stay full, and save money by trying out some of the local fare offered by smaller restaurants and eateries.

Enjoying Barcelona on a budget can be accomplished quite easily. Knowing where to shop and eat, as well as how to experience the local culture, can save you money and help you revel in your time in the capital of Catalonia.


Savannah Bobo is a freelance writer from Atlanta. As a college graduate with loans and bills to pay, she aims to help others have an enjoyable vacation without spending beyond their budget. Whether you take advantage of affordable lodgings or Shuttle Direct’s Barcelona airport transportation to hotel, researching for savings online well before your departure is a good way to cut vacation costs.


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