How to Be a Step Ahead of Robbers During Your Holiday Trip

Travel RobberyThe thrill of exploring a foreign place is always an exciting prospect. You get to experience new activities and learn different things. But while in the midst of your enjoyment, dark elements that seem to be a fixture anywhere can disrupt your fun and ruin your holiday. If you are not alert, thieves can make off with your bag and you would not have a clue where to run. It’s not advisable to chase them. They are familiar with the surroundings and alleyways, so you’re better off going straight to the police. Unfortunately, talking with local officials does not guarantee a solution either.

When dealing with thieves and robbery, your best option is to always be prepared and take precautions. There are several ways of being one step ahead of the criminals. These simple preventative steps can discourage robbers and can help pull yourself away from their prying eyes.

Controlled Paranoia

Paranoia is defined as being anxious or fearful of something or someone without a sensible reason. In the concept of controlled paranoia, you set robbers and thieves as the object of your anxiety. You don’t have to incorporate the fear element, but what you do is be more aware of your surroundings. You look at who’s walking behind you once in a while until it becomes habitual to you. Grip your bags tighter than usual until your muscles adjust. If they see that you are much more alert than the usual tourist, they’ll move on and choose another victim. In studies made, it was concluded that thieves pick their victims based upon appearance and behavior.

Blend with the Locals

This brings us to the discussion about how you should present yourself in a foreign country. The idea is to try not to look like a tourist too much. It doesn’t matter if you like taking photos wherever you go. What you need to avoid are clothes that attract too much attention. Expensive clothing tells criminals that you’re probably wealthy. If you can do away with a formal suit, then just settle for shirt and jeans. If your race is an obvious giveaway that you’re a tourist, try and act natural, as if it’s not your first time to visit the country. It would also be a good idea to drive around using an airport rental car, as it gives the impression that you live in the area.

Travel Light

You can leave your heavy luggage and other belongings in the hotel, but it would probably help to get insurance for the gadgets and other expensive items that will be left behind. When you move around from place to place, take only the most essential items that you’ll probably need. This includes your wallet, passport, mobile phones and important documents. If you can, don’t carry too much money. Seasoned thieves are trained to look at how thick your wallet is, and as mentioned, you’d like to be ignored as possible.

Thieves and robbers have evolved to become more scrupulous and deceiving. You can do your part in battling their methods by being smart and being prepared.


Christopher Allen Samson writes for several websites, covering topics on technology, well-being and social media. He tried to find simple solutions to life’s complex concerns.

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