How to Avoid Stress during a Vacation

Avoid Stress During a VacationPeople go on vacation to be able to find time for fun and relaxation. It is also their way of relieving themselves from the stress and anxiety of daily living. However, there are also times when vacation also causes so much stress in some individuals.  The good news is that stress during vacation can indeed be avoided.  You just have to keep in mind the following tips to avoid stress during a vacation:

Plan and prepare well.

You must decide ahead of time where you would like to stay. Make an advance research for the best hotel to stay during your vacation. You should also come up with an outline of your itinerary during your travel.  Your itinerary must include those tourist spots that you would like to visit. Do not forget to take into consideration how are you going to get there.  Transferring from one place to another may increase one’s vulnerability to stressful situations. But, with thorough preparation one may lessen the impact of stress and anxiety.

Pack wisely.

Make sure to pack only those things that are essential for your travel.  Do some research about the weather or the climate before packing your clothes. If your vacation entails some amount of hiking to your favorite tourist attraction, pack your most comfortable shoes.  Your medications, doctor’s prescriptions, medical certificate, and first-aid kit must not be forgotten.  Make sure not to pack too much or else you will end up stressing yourself for bringing heavy luggage.

Be prepared for the unexpected.

There are really times when some unexpected things occur.  Your flight may become delayed.  There may be some changes in the weather. The hotel may not be able to provide the best kind of service that you expect. These are just few of the many unexpected things that may occur during your vacation.  However, you should not allow these things to stress you out.  When things do not happen as expected, make sure to look at the positive side of everything.

Forget about your work.

Some people decide to go somewhere else just to unwind and relax. But, they still continue to entertain work-related calls. As a result, they end up staying in a hotel filled with stress for thinking about their work. Once you decide about taking a vacation, forget about your work back home. Enjoy every moment of your vacation. After all, you deserve to have some rest and relaxation.

Stick to your exercise regimen.

Being on vacation should not mean that you have to forget about your exercise regimen. Avoid spending much time just lying on that bed. Take the time to hike outside or go to the hotel’s fitness gym.  Spend time playing outdoor sports with your new friends or go swimming at the pool.  Remember that you are there to relieve yourself from stress.  Therefore, get up and get moving.

Watch out on your eating habits.

Vacation time may sometimes open up a lot of opportunities for eating. Restaurants and hotels will always offer “never-been-tasted” recipes and delicacies.  But, you should remember that vacation is the perfect time to keep your body in good shape.  Vacation days are not meant for you to ruin your healthy diet. You may taste every food that comes your way. But, never fail to patronize only those healthy dishes.

Do not bombard yourself with too many activities.

Do not stress yourself from having too many activities in one day.  You may be tempted to visit all those tourist attractions while you are still on vacation. But, remember to be kind to your body. Avoid spending too much time outdoors.  Get back to the hotel as soon as you feel that you are already tired. This is to avoid exhaustion which may prelude the occurrence of stress and anxiety.

Vacations are meant for you to break-free from the monotony of daily living.  But, you need to be careful because vacation time would sometimes lead to sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle.  Avoid too much of partying and eating.  Keep everything in moderation, and you’ll avoid stress during a vacation.

Author Ryan Rivera used to suffer from anxiety attacks for seven years.  He now advocates healthy living as the best weapon against anxiety and depression. You can read more of his writings at Calm Clinic.


  1. However, you should not allow these factors to pressure you out. When factors do not occur as predicted, create sure to look at the good part of everything.

  2. Great tips! Anytime am getting some good and new information in your blog. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

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