How the Summer Heat May Affect Your Travel

Summer Heat by kthypryn on FlickrWhen visiting Ft. Lauderdale, or any other of Florida’s wonderful cities, as part of a road trip, it is important to understand the impact of the heat and sunshine on your health. While everyone comes to Florida to enjoy the beautiful weather, too many people find that they must cut their trips short because the heat becomes too much for them to handle. This can all be avoided if you follow a few simple tricks to staying happy and healthy in the Florida sun.

1. Stay Hydrated. Florida, especially in the southern parts of the state, is considered a tropical climate. In this type of climate it is imperative to stay hydrated. Your body will work harder to stay cool; causing you to drink more. However, drinking more soft drinks will not help your hydration levels. You need to consume water to get the most benefits from what you drink. This does not mean that you cannot drink anything but water, but you should add extra water to your diet each day.

2. Use Sunscreen – Even In The Car. It may not feel really hot outside, but the rays from the sun are much stronger in the southern states due to their proximity to the Equator. To protect your skin you will need to apply sunscreen every two hours if you are in direct sunlight and every four if you are in your car or going in and out of the sunshine.

3. Take A Break From Outside. A day at Ft. Lauderdale Beach should be filled with breaks to local shops or diners to give yourself a break from the direct sunlight. If you intend to stay on the beach all day, bring an umbrella that you can sit under for a short period every so often to give your body a chance to recoup from the sun. Heat stroke can occur from extended periods of direct sunlight, especially if your body is not accustomed to this type of climate.

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4. Familiarize Yourself with Local Law. You may also want to refresh your knowledge of Florida driving laws by visiting or researching particular cities—you could read the website of a Fort Lauderdale car accident law firm, for example. Driving laws vary from state to state and it’s always a good idea to know your surroundings and obey the rules of the road.

5. Watch Your Car Gauges. Cars that are not prepared for the southern heat can overheat or run poorly. Watch your car gauges to make sure that everything is running properly and to ensure that you do not find yourself stranded in the heat waiting for a tow truck.

6. Sunglasses Are Essential. It is very important to have eye protection when visiting Florida. Intense sunlight is bad for your eyes, and squinting excessively can lead you to make poor decisions when driving your car. To avoid accidents, always wear sunglasses that have UV protection.

A road trip to Florida can be one of the most exciting parts of your travel plans. There are many things to see and experience throughout the state, and traveling by car is one of the few ways to experience them all. By taking a few precautions to ensure that you and your car remain functioning in the heat and sun, you will find that you can have the best vacation ever in Florida.


Savannah Bobo is a blogger, freelance author, travel enthusiastic, and seasoned Florida vacationer — including road trips from her Atlanta hometown to Orlando, Pensecola, and Panama City. The Fort Lauderdale car accident law firm attorneys at Steinger, Iscoe, & Greene work diligently for all clients involved in Florida car accidents while vacationing there in the hot, summer sun, protecting their interests and achieving just compensation for their damages.

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