How I Plan To Use Instagram For My Round-The-World Trip

InstagramWith Instagram, I don’t have to worry about lugging a big camera around. I’ll be able to consolidate my (unlocked!) cell phone and camera in one, and save a lot of weight. Since we’re talking about many thousands of miles and weeks of walking through the most fascinating back alleys the world has to offer, a lighter load that’s also cheaper to replace in case of theft will be a welcome aside. Here’s the itinerary I’m planning, and the photo ops along the way.

Quito, Ecuador

Quito’s relaxed but lively atmosphere and amazing scenery make it the perfect start to the trip and the ideal entry to South America. I’ll probably find a few photos walking around the city and, after getting acclimated to the altitude, while going hiking in the Andes.


From Ecuador, a short flight up to Belize will give me the chance to try hitting not just one but all three paved roads in this incomparably beautiful country. Snorkeling will be a must-do, though I’m not sure if Instagram will work underwater. Probably best not to try… I’ll save it for the right-out-of-a-movie Mayan ruins in the jungle.

Sydney, Australia

The most expensive city in the world, the incredibly long flight means I may have to fly through Mexico City to get here. I’ll try and get a hold of a barbie (barbecue) so I can throw some shrimps on it in Centennial Park and pretend to be a local. G’day! I may just bring some meat and see if a group of locals will let me borrow theirs… nobody ever lost out counting on Australian amicability. The Opera House will be the Instagram photo op for sure… maybe I’ll even find a setting that gives me a unique Opera House photo.

Hong Kong

Because it’s Hong Kong. Just how much I end up doing here will depend on how exhausted my wallet is from Sydney.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Honestly, Hong Kong is just a convenient launching point for Hanoi, the “Paris of the East.” They say you have to try it to experience the incredible energy, and that’s my plan. A thousand year old city must have a few good photo ops too, not to mention the prices are unbeatable. $1 lunches will be a welcome change from Sydney and Hong Kong! A side trip to Halong Bay and long walks through the old city will round off my stay.

Vladivostok, Russia

One of the most out-of-the-way places to visit, which is why I’m going there. Instagram op? Some wildlife up close, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll fake it in the old Soviet propaganda tradition.

Mumbai, India

Casting myself into the madness of India… if I can find one, I’ll try and get a spot as a Bollywood film extra. Plus paying a visit to the markets, where finding a photo ought to be easy. The biggest challenge will be not getting overwhelmed.

Goa, India

Just to decompress from Mumbai. Amazing beaches, a little spot of paradise.

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Yes, this one was inspired by a certain comedy film. It’s something almost nobody else has done, and it’s extremely cheap. The low-fi Instagram modes are going to get a lot of use, as I’m looking forward to the Cold War cuisine. I will definitely rent some skis and hit the slopes… apparently they’re both better and way way cheaper than the US.

Prague, Czech Republic

Rounding off Eastern Europe, getting off the beaten path will be a challenge. Vysehrad Castle will be the photo-op for sure, because ruins are always amazing. The Old Town will be a must see, too.

Berlin, Germany

One for the museums and the history, starting at the Checkpoint Charlie museum. If I don’t come back with an Instagram photo of the Brandenburg Gate, nobody will believe I was there. Being a comparatively cheap city, I can hang out for a while too… visiting the private art galleries and taking lessons in hedonism from the Berlin party scene.


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