Houston Food Tour – Wining and Dining on the Texas Gold Coast

Houston Food TourEvery great culinary adventure deserves a locale that has it all, knows how to serve it up and pours on the excitement. Houston is a big town full of local charm, nationally renowned chefs and international flavors. These five delicious experiences belong on your Houston food tour as you travel in the Lone Star State.

Your Houston Food Tour…

1. Hop a bus with the city’s finest chefs. Take the Houston Culinary Tour, meet the biggest names from the finest kitchens in town, and let them introduce you to their favorite eateries. The catch on this bus revolves around small, local treasures that charm your favorite chef when he’s not cooking. Everybody eats off the beaten path on this trek, and, with a limit of 16 participants, this trip around town is deliciously delightful.

2. Devour a different country every year. The Houston International Festival is an annual event that started in 1988, covers seven downtown venues and dishes up 10 days of music, art and food. Each year, a different country showcases its unique culture, providing tasting opportunities for everything from street food to haute cuisine. Take a walking tour of the city, celebrate its dazzling diversity, and eat everything in sight.

Food in Houston, Texas

3. Swim with the fish, and eat the shrimp. Houston is only a hush puppy’s throw from the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s a seafood lover’s paradise. An easy sail down the road puts you on the beach, where you can dip your toes and your fishing poles. Follow up with ice-cold platters of fresh oysters, and wash them down with chilled mugs of local brew. Friendly, regional restaurants welcome you in your flip-flops, and there are plenty of white table cloths waiting to make your evening special.

4. Discover downtown with a fine glass of wine. Imagine sipping a world-class Bordeaux while watching the lights sparkle from one of the inner circle Houston hotels, and taking in the view of the night-time skyline. The finest restaurants in the area are located inside the Loop, and the locals know that’s where the sophisticated scene happens. Enjoy a classic Cabernet in one of the city’s elegant wine bars, or explore the adventurous collection of downtown wine dives. Your quest for the perfect pour starts with sipping high above the streets and ends tucked into a cozy corner.

5. Barbecue isn’t just for rodeos.  Every year, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo starts off with a three-day event, and they aren’t bragging when they call it the World’s Championship Barbecue Contest. More than 300 teams compete at Reliant Park for grilling glory, and the aroma wafts through the entire downtown area. Thank goodness that you’re not limited to this culinary specialty only once a year. Slow-smoked ribs, juicy pulled pork and tender, delicious chicken are succulent regulars on menus all over town. Just ask any native, and he’ll steer you in the right direction.

The locals call it H-Town, and they’re rightfully proud of everything Houston has to offer. From five-star restaurants to barbecue shacks, from chic dining destinations to delightful dives, tour this Texas Gold Coast town and enjoy it all.

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Ann Bailey is an avid traveler and foodie, and an artist who contributes articles for the Houston hotels by Hilton Hotel Group.  The Houston area is rich in history and contemporary culture, and staying in a gracious hotel is expected.  It just wouldn’t be Texas if your comfort was not the primary concern!

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