Hotel Safety Tips for your Family

Hotel Safety TipsOur hotel safety tips come in handy when you need to spend some quality time with your family someplace other than your living room sofa or local movie theater. Then it must be time for a family vacation! Vacation planning can be exciting and spark an adventurous spirit, but planning the details can be quite daunting. One way to avoid a less than relaxing vacation is to be sure you are prepared for any possible obstacles.

Hotel Safety Tips

Hotel Room Safety

Choosing the best hotel for your family depends on many variables. Is there a swimming pool for the kids? Is breakfast complimentary? Is there free and easily accessible internet? While all of these are important and comforting factors, the most important factor is always safety. Depending on the age of your children, you may want to consider even the smallest details such as bringing your own outlet covers in order to keep little fingers safe while in the room.

When you arrive at your hotel, it is always a good idea to check the emergency escape routes and try to get a room close to an exit if possible. An Atlanta injury attorney advises that if you are traveling with young children or elderly family members it is wise to do a fire and tornado drill so that you can rest assured that everyone knows where to go in case such a disaster should strike.

Parking Lot Awareness

Even though you may be staying in a safe area and a well-known hotel, it is still necessary to always be aware of your surroundings. Your hotel parking lot may seem secure, but it is important to keep your vehicle doors locked at all times. No one wants their belongings stolen, especially when it may be a suitcase full of clothes and everyday necessities.

Extra Hotel Safety Tips for Children

Depending on the age of your children, you may or may not be leaving them at the hotel alone. If this is an option, be sure they know hotel safety tips too. Show them how to lock and deadbolt the door and have them keep it that way at all times. They should also be told to never answer the door to a stranger even if it is a hotel worker. In case of emergency, children should know how to dial both 9-1-1 and the front desk.

According to an Atlanta personal injury lawyer, crimes can and do occur in both the public and non-public areas, even in hotels that provide security camera surveillance. It is always a good idea to leave a TV or radio on, especially when the whole family leaves the room. This way any potential burglar may be deterred upon thinking there is someone in the room.

In Case of Emergency

It is very important to have all emergency contact information very easily accessible. You should also keep a detailed list of emergency phone numbers, social security numbers and insurance policy numbers stored in a location that your family is aware of and can easily locate. No one ever wants to think about having a problem or accident while on vacation, but it is always best to think ahead and be prepared if something unfortunate does happen. By planning ahead, excess worry over safety issues can be greatly minimized.

We all need a little vacation time; it is good to allow yourself an escape from whatever it is that usually clutters your days and simply relax. Taking the time to get away and spend quality time with your loved ones is sure to give you a fresh perspective on life. Just be sure to go prepared with our hotel safety tips, and you are guaranteed to return refreshed!


Author Shelby Warden is a legal researcher and contributing author for the Atlanta law offices of Buddoo & Associates. Lawrence Buddoo represents innocent parties who have been assaulted or otherwise victimized due to negligent security at work and a multitude of other locations. They can visit you at home or in the hospital, and operate on a contingency fee basis for personal injury cases.

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