A Honeymoon to Remember in Africa

It feels as though I’m going through one of those phases where so many people I know are getting married. It also seems that more and more couples are looking for different destinations to visit for their honeymoon. These days, people tend to want the best accommodations along with good restaurants, great shopping, relaxing spas and, importantly, cheap holidays. A friend of mine knows she wants to travel abroad to Africa for her honeymoon but she’s not sure where to. Below are just 7 of Africa’s enchanting honeymoon destinations.

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Burundi literally lies in the heart of Africa and boasts incredible landscapes that make for a paradise that has been dubbed “The Switzerland of Africa.” Burundi had a mild and temperate climate year-round making it a great destination no matter what time of year you want to go on honeymoon.

I’d suggest you take time to explore the country and really get a feel for the “Garden of Eden.” The capital, Bujumbura was initially a port on the shore of Lake Tanganyika but it developed into a bustling business hub to become the country’s capital.  Lake Tanganyika is appealing for those newly-weds who enjoy water sports such as skiing, sailing and fishing. A stroll along the lake will help you to discover many a tranquil swimming spot too. If you’re not fond of water there’s still plenty to do from golf and tennis to horseback riding.

Bujumbura is also attractive for its gastronomy. Most hotels offer international class restaurants and you might enjoy dining beside the lake on delicious local seafood before heading off to a night club and enjoying the friendly local atmosphere.


Chad is baked in sun, swathed in dust and rocked with conflict, but it might just be what you’re looking for. The capital of Chad, N’Djamena, offers a laid-back and friendly atmosphere complete with a market and the exhilarating experience of haggling. Lake Chad is a sight to behold.

Shopping for crafts in Chad can be fun. Great items to look out for include leather ware, camel-hair carpets, decorated calabashes, embroidered cotton clothing, brass animals and lovely pottery

The nightlife in the country is enticing. On Saturdays and Sundays you find lively dancing in the capital and several bustling nightclubs. Also on the weekends, many Pari-matches take place where groups of women hire bars and sell drinks.

You can have a look on Travel Republic reviews for things to do in Chad and I’d recommend trying your hand at camel racing, spotting hippos in Lake Chad and sipping cold Moundou’s beer from the Gala Brewery.

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Now this is where you go on honeymoon for seclusion, tranquility and an alcohol-free time out. The islands are volcanic in origin and surrounded by coral reefs and if you’re adventurous you can climb to the top of Mount Karthala – an active volcano, or indulge in an array of water sports.

There are a number of fantastic beaches on the Comoros islands, particularly Galawa Beach on Grande Comore. Other beaches worth exploring include Chomoni , Planet Plage and Itsandra. In many of the ports you can hire canoes and boats.

Many visitors to Comoros enjoy Mahore, an island surrounded by coral reef and great beaches along with superb scuba diving facilities. You can explore the lagoon in a dugout canoe or visit the town of Dzaoudzi to see old fortifications and the remains of an old mosque.

For wildlife lovers there is the chance to encounter the Comoros green turtle in the southern coast of Moheli. You can get there by motorized canoe.


After going through online reviews, Zanzibar conjure scents of fragrant spices and images of white sands. Zanzibar is for the romantic who can look forward to wandering shaded streets of the capital city of Stone Town, taking in scents of cinnamon and nutmeg and hearing the call to prayer from the mosques in the city.

Set sail in a traditional wooden Dhow to Kilele Square as well as heading off to some of the smaller islands off Stone Town. The nature alone is worth the trip to Zanzibar as you may get to view bottle-nose dolphins and cresting whales. The Jozani Forest is a wildlife haven where visitors can catch a glimpse of the rare Red Colobus monkey, native to the country, or take a relaxing walk through the Forodhani Gardens.

And when it’s time to unwind, head to the nearest beach and let the stress of organizing the biggest day of your life wash away with the waves.


The highlights of Angola are definitely the beaches.  Here, the Atlantic coastline stretches over 1650 kilometers allowing for mighty rivers, sandbanks, and small islands.  Angola has a favorable climate throughout the year but during the hotter seasons, you can enjoy bars filled with music and dancing that add to the exotic atmosphere of the magical beaches and African nights.


Mozambique boasts luxury honeymoon accommodations, astounding sea views and lots to do! The two favorite destinations are Bazaruto and Quirimbas that offer private retreats and deserted beaches. Be sure to take a moonlit walk along the white sands or try an open-air bath under the stars for the ultimate romantic holiday. Here you can even indulge in a candle lit dinner right on the white sandy beaches and simply enjoy memorable and quiet moments together.


Malawi is Africa for beginners. The scenery, the lake, friendly locals and ease of travel make this country a relaxing honeymoon destination.

The lake is the biggest draw card with spending crystal water that stretches for 500 km along the eastern border. The Liwonde National Park on the southern tip is home to hundreds of species of fish and a great location for snorkeling and diving.

Africa offers magic, adventure and discovery as far as honeymoon destinations go!


Ariana Louis has been fortunate enough to enjoy many a globetrotting adventure. She enjoys holidays that are both relaxing and thrill-seeking and loves nothing more than getting to know the locals. She’s a teacher by profession and saves up for her next holiday destination. Ariana is often helped by a Travel Republic Trip Advisor Review before she books a trip abroad.

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