Honeymoon on a Luxury Liner

Used under creative commons license, photo by carrie-ann-nelson on FlickrWhen planning every wedding there’s always so much stress involved and such a huge build-up to the big day, however the actual wedding day is all over in a flash. But what’s great if there’s always the honeymoon to look forward to when you can finally spend some alone time with your partner. So when planning a honeymoon the things we usually look for is something luxurious yet affordable and relaxing yet memorable. Most people usually think of destinations such as the Caribbean, Dubai and New York for the perfect romantic getaway for two. But often it’s so difficult to decide with so many beautiful places to choose from it’s tough to pick just one destination to suit the two of you. But what if you didn’t have to choose, what if you could wake up every morning in a different location with your loved one.

Cruise holidays offer just that and are becoming extremely popular and it’s not difficult to see why. You get to experience a variety of exotic locations all wrapped up into one unforgettable holiday. You can customise your packages with many tailored especially for a honeymoon cruise. Packages include special touches such as roses in your room, champagne, breakfast in bed, spa services for two, and lots of extra little details which will make your honeymoon truly special.

Cruise holidays also eliminate the stress involved in the long process of booking the flights, planning where to stay and what to do. This can also get very pricey and with huge amounts already spent on the wedding there’s usually not much left for the honeymoon. Not only is a cruise easy to plan, cruises are much more cost-effective than your usual holiday as costs are almost all inclusive. The price will include accommodation, meals and entertainment, which would cost twice as much if you we’re to pay for everything separately.  So whilst you’re on board there is no need to worry about carrying cash or credit cards or calculating in your head what the total cost the honeymoon will be at the end.

The biggest advantage is cruises allow you to visit numerous places but take away all the effort of packing and unpacking at every stop. By day you can explore the designated location, enjoy guided tours, take part in water sports or relax on the beach. By night you’ll have the choice of endless entertainment from casinos to musicals, cocktail bars to dinner and dance or you can go back to your luxurious cabin and sit out on your private balcony and enjoy a glass of champagne or two.

A cruise sets the perfect romantic setting for a honeymoon, with 5 star services on every ship, fine cuisine and brilliant entertainment. You can choose to have complete privacy or join in with other passengers it’s really your choice. There are hundreds of packages and destinations to choose from, each package is customised to each individual needs so you are guaranteed to find the perfect cruise for you.


  1. It will be dream come through if I Travel by cruise for my honeymoons. It will be romantic, and entertaining. I just think about the cost it may have for my honeymoons. Other things I can manage.

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